Village News – April 2020

As you are probably all aware Church services are suspended for the foreseeable future. Other events cancelled are our two concerts David Orr in March and The Mayday Singers in April plus the Coffee and Hot Cross Buns on the lawn on Good Friday morning.

Cancelling events is a blow for us, as it is for a lot of organisations, as we are fundraising for repairs to the porch roof and also basically to keep the church afloat.

With our reserves dwindling we have, reluctantly, switched off the night time floodlights at the church as we feel unable to justify the expense unless we are able to attract some sponsorship either corporate or personal. We need approximately £500 per year to fund the lights. We would be happy to erect a board advertising who is sponsoring the lights either for the year or per month if anyone felt able to contribute even a small amount. I realise we all have more important things than the Church lights to worry about at present but we felt we should explain why the church is in darkness.

We hope the current state of affairs with older people self-isolating and all the difficulties that brings with only be for a short while but should
anyone in Kingston need help or shopping done please contact one of the Dubbra Support Groups run by either Langton or Worth. (I am among the ones told to self-isolate so probably personally should not visit).

Let us hope we all stay healthy during the weeks ahead and pray for a speedy return to normal life.

Doreen Farr, PCC Secretary

Village News – February 2020

Our service at St James’s on Sunday 2 February at 9.30am is a Benefice Service for all the seven parishes of the new St Aldhelm’s Benefice. This will be a special occasion as it is the first time we have all worshipped together and it is hoped that people from all the parishes will come and join us. The Occasional Singers will be in attendance so we will have some wonderful singing to enjoy. Hoping to see you there. Refreshments will be served after the service.

If anyone feels they could spare some time to help clean the brass in the church from time to time please contact me. Any help would be gratefully received.

Doreen Farr, PCC Secretary