Frederick Francis Audley (1868–1939) = Martha Ann Smith (1875–1956)

Frederick was the eighth child of Thomas John Audley and Sarah Audley nee Keats. He was baptised at Corfe Castle on 5 April 1868.

In 1881, at the age of 13, Frederick was already an agricultural labourer. The family were living at Scoles Gate Cottage.

By 1891, Frederick was a dairyman living at Worth Matravers. One brother and one sister, along with her daughter and husband, were living with him.

Frederick married Martha Ann Smith (1875–1956) on 24 April 1895.

Frederick and Martha had seven children, five boys (the first who died shortly after birth) and two girls.

In 1901, the family were living at 3 Acton Field, Langton Matravers.  Frederick was now a mason’s labourer. Martha had two young children. Martha’s parents, both in their late sixties, were living with them.

In 1911, all six living children were present, and Martha’s parents were now in their late seventies.

Frederick died in 1939 aged 71. Martha, who was still living at 3 Rosedale Cottages, Acton Field, died in 1956 aged 82.

Children of Frederick & Martha:

1. Frederick George Audley (1895-1895)

Frederick and Martha’s first son died shortly after birth. The fact that a child had died was not disclosed on the 1911 census.

2. Herbert Francis Audley (1896-1963)

Herbert was born at Langton Matravers on 27 October 1896. In 1911 he was a grocer’s errand boy. He married Elsie Clara Isabella Lock (1897-1980) in 1919. She was the daughter of Robert Lock and Annie Lock nee Sanders and was born at Church Knowle on 4 April 1897.

Herbert and Elsie had a son Frederick Robert Audley (1922-2008) born on 6 May 1922, and a daughter Nora, who married Charles.

In September 1939, the family were living at Raherne, Coombe Hill, Langton. Herbert was a journeyman baker and daughter Nora was a pottery shop assistant. Elsie’s father, a retired shepherd, was living with them.

Herbert died on 24 November 1963 aged 67 and Elsie continued living at Raherne, She died on 6 January 1980 aged 82.

3. William John Audley (1900-1929)

William was 5 feet 7 inches tall and he too was a baker. He enlisted on 6 August 1917 and served as a Private with the Ox & Bucks. He was demobilised on 24 February 1919. William did not marry and died in 1929 aged just 29.

4. Frederick George Audley (1902–1982)

Frederick was born on 28 July 1902. He married Harriet Ethel Hannah Crawford (1900-1981) in 1929. She was known as ‘Ethel‘.

Frederick and Ethel had four children:

  • Dennis George Audley (1931-2000) – married Jean and had one daughter – Dennis and Jean later divorced and Jean remarried
  • Gordon John Audley (1933-2010) –  married Kathleen Elsie Elvina Ball (1933-2008) in 1956 – did not have any children
  • Dorothy – married Mansel and had a son
  • Kathleen – married David and had a son and daughter

In September 1939, Frederick, Ethel and family were living at 4 Arundel Terrace, Langton. Frederick, who had been a butcher’s roundsman, was unemployed at the time.

Fredrick and Ethel later moved to 6 Capston Field, Langton. Ethel died in 1981 aged 81 and Frederick died on 13 March 1982 aged 79.

5. Sydney Charles Audley (1903-1967)

Sydney was born on 22 October 1903. He married Vera Gladys White (1906-1962) in 1925.

Sydney and Vera had six children:

  • Kenneth Gordon Audley (1926-1994) – married Patricia May Mcloughlin (1925-2003) and had two sons and two daughters
  • Brian – married Doris and had two daughters and a son – Brian and Doris divorced and both remarried, Brian to Jean and Doris to James
  • Pamela June Audley (1930-1977) – married Cyril Suttle (1930-2004) and had two daughters. Widowed Cyril later married Evelyn.
  • Patricia – married Gordon James H Welsh (1921-2003)
  • Raymond – married Margaret and had four sons
  • Marion – married Derek and had two sons and a daughter

Vera died in 1962 and, in 1965, widower Sydney married widow Dorothy Constance L Lovell nee Ford (1902-1995). After Sydney’s death in 1967, Dorothy married for a third time in 1968 to Nelson John Thompson (1905-1971).

6. Winifred Florence Audley (1907-1958)

Winifred was born on 4 July 1907. On 1 August 1932, she married carpenter Ernest Edward Dorey (1906-1980), the son of Kingston’s Edwin George Dorey (1875-1942) and Sarah Holland Dorey nee Stickland (1848-1919), at Langton Matravers.

Winifred and Ernest had one daughter, Joan Dorey (1933-2016). Joan, born on 4 February 1933, married Peter and they had two daughters. Joan died on 25 March 2016.

In September 1939, Winifred, Ernest and Joan were living at 2 Victoria Terrace, Jubilee Road, Swanage. Ernest was an Air Raid Precaution warden specialising in demolition and decontamination.

Winifred died on 10 May 1958 aged 50 and Ernest died on 6 February 1980 aged 73.

7. Gertrude Amy Audley (1910–1991)

Gertrude was born 22 May 1910. She married Gomer George Coles (1910-1966) in 1930. Gomer was born on 15 March 1910.

Gertrude and Gomer were living in Market Street, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire in 1939 with their three sons Stanley, Bernard and Kenneth. Gomer was an underground quarryman.

Gomer died in 1966 aged 56 and Gertrude died on 9 October 1991 in Stroud aged 81.

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