James Seaward Cooper (1881–1942) = Jane Tatchell (1883–?)

James Seaward Cooper (1881–1942) = Jane Tatchell (1883–?)

James was born on 18 September 1881 to Charles Seaward Cooper (1843–1927) and Sarah Annie White (1846–1933). Please see The Cooper/White Connection 1866.

By 1901, James was employed as a blacksmith at Kingston.

In 1908, James married Jane Tatchell who was born on 25 November 1883 at Swanage. James’s brother Albert Henry Cooper married Frances Mary Tatchell, also in 1908, but it is not known whether the two Tatchell girls were related in any way prior to becoming sisters-in-law.

James and Jane had two sons, Seaward, born in 1908, and George, born in 1914.

At the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939, James, Jane and second son George were living at 26 Steer Road, Swanage. James’ occupation was shown as Agricultural Mechanic & Farrier (Journeyman).

The Cooper Family. Photo courtesy of Jason Harrison.

Pictured standing from left to right are: James Seaward Cooper, son Seward Charles Cooper, ?, and son George Frederick William Cooper. Seated is James’ mother Sarah Ann Cooper nee White.  The photo was taken about 1930 at the rear of the cottages on South Street, Kingston. It is likely that James’ wife Jane Cooper nee Tatchell took the photo.

Children of James and Jane:

1. Seaward Charles Cooper (1908-1962).

Seaward Charles Cooper. Photo courtesy of Jason Harrison.

Seaward, born on 15 December 1908, was known as ‘Sid’. He was a carpenter and married Beatrice Violet Bartlett (1919-1977) in 1939. They lived at 16 Court Road, Swanage. Sid died in 1962 and Beatrice married Frank Inman in 1971. She died in 1977.

2. George Frederick William Cooper (1914-1986)

George was born 1 July 1914. In 1939, George was a journeyman painter and decorator. He was single and living with his parents.

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