1923: Obituary: Mrs. Spencer-Smith

The funeral of Mrs. Mary Hamilton Spencer-Smith, widow of Rev. S. C. Spencer-Smith, took place on Tuesday afternoon at Kingston, Corfe Castle, Dorset. The Rev. Raymond Bond officiated, assisted by the Rev. Algernon Ward, vicar of Stowe, Shropshire. The family mourners were Lieutenant- Colonel D. C. Spencer-Smith (son), Mr. & Mrs. M. S. Spencer-Smith (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. John Phillimore (son-in-law and daughter), Colonel and Mrs. H. C. Petre, Lady Mary Forestier-Walker, Lady Lilian Digby, and Miss Valentine Digby. Others present included:

The Earl of Eldon, Mr. and Mrs. T. Pellatt, Mrs. Raymond Bond, Mr. A. L. Mansel, Major and Mrs. Rhys Mansel, Dr. Hollick, Dr. and Mrs. Drury, and many friends from the parish of Kingston, where Mrs. Spencer-Smith was much esteemed.

The Times, 29 March 1923

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