1921 Electoral Roll

1921 – Spring

Kingston area entries extracted from Corfe Castle register of electors

No. Parlia-mentary Local Govt. Names in full Residence or property occupied
1 O O ALLEN Beatrice Mary Kingston
10 R O AUDLEY Frederick Charles Scoles Dairy
11 HO HO AUDLEY Kate Scoles Dairy
12 R O AUDLEY Henry James Kingston
13 HO HO AUDLEY Alice Goodchild Kingston
18 R O BARNES Walter Encombe
19 HO HO BARNES Olga Mabel Rich Encombe
22 R O BARTLETT Charles Kingston
23 HO HO BARTLETT Georgina Jane Kingston
41 R O BEAVIS Edwin James Kingston
42 O O BEAVIS Ellen Mary Kingston
43 R BEAVIS Frederick Robert Kingston
44 R O BECK Frederick Wilwood
45 R O BECK Walter Wilwood
51 R O BISHOP Charles Woodyhide
52 HO HO BISHOP Mary Sarah Woodyhide
54 R O BOND Raymond Alured, Rev. Kingston Vicarage
55 HO HO BOND Mildred Kingston Vicarage
58 NM 1 BRIDGES Robert Ernest South St, Kingston
68 R O BROWN Charles George Kingston
69 HO HO BROWN Mary Kingston
74 R O BROWN William Charles Afflington
75 HO HO BROWN Cornelia Jane Afflington
77 R O BUGLER Thomas Bottom
78 HO HO BUGLER Mary Louisa Bottom
79 R O BUGLER William Bottom
80 HO HO BUGLER Mary Louisa Bottom
81 R BULLEN Bert Kingston
82 R O BULLEN Thomas George Kingston
83 HO HO BULLEN Florence Kingston
93 O 2 CAINES Thomas Edward Land, West Hill
94 R O CANDY George Encombe
97 R O CANDY Walter Emanuel Kingston
134 R O COOMBS Sidney Charles Afflington
135 HO HO COOMBS Margaret Afflington
138 R O COOMBES George Blashenwell
139 HO HO COOMBES Rachel Blashenwell
140 R O COOPER Albert Henry Kingston
141 HO HO COOPER Frances Mary Kingston
142 R O COOPER Charles Seaward Kingston
143 R O COOPER Sarah Ann Kingston
146 NM 1 COOPER William Charles Kingston
155 R O CURTIS Albert Lynch Farm
156 HO HO CURTIS Frances Lynch Farm
159 R O DAMER Arthur Purcell Wilwood
160 HO HO DAMER Ada Kate Wilwood
161 R O DAMER Robert Ernest Kingston
162 HO HO DAMER Mary Jane Kingston
179 R O DEW Albert Arthur West Hill
180 O O DEW Rose Ann West Lynch
185 R O DOREY Andrew Stephen Kingston
186 HO HO DOREY Alice Kingston
187 R O DOREY George Kingston
188 HO HO DOREY Sarah Holland Kingston
189 R O DOREY Gilbert Victor Kingston
190 R O DOREY Herbert George Encombe Lodge
191 HO HO DOREY Mary Elizabeth Encombe Lodge
192 R DOREY Robert Edward Kingston
193 R O DOREY Stephen Kingston
194 R DOREY Walter Kingston
195 R DOREY William James Encombe Lodge
201 R O DUDMAN Frederick Woodyhide
202 HO HO DUDMAN Mary Louisa Woodyhide
213 O 3 FORD George Land, Woodyhide
215 R FORREST Henry James West Lynch
225 R GALE George Kingston
228 R O GALE John Encombe
244 R O GOULD Henry Kingston
245 HO HO GOULD Bessie Jane Kingston
246 R O GOULD John Kingston
247 HO HO GOULD Cordelia Kingston
256 R O GRANT Edward South St, Kingston
257 HO HO GRANT Susan South St, Kingston
259 R O GRANT John Joseph South St, Kingston
263 R O GREEN Robert Blashenwell
264 HO HO GREEN Edith Blashenwell
277 R O HANSFORD James Lynch
278 HO HO HANSFORD Eliza Lynch
293 R HIBBS Harry Lynch
296 R O HIXSON Ernest Albert Kingston
297 HO HO HIXSON Elsie Kingston
306 R O HOOPER David Kingston
318 R O HOOPER William South St, Kingston
319 HO HO HOOPER Margaret Elizabeth South St, Kingston
321 R O HUNT Edwin George Encombe
322 HO HO HUNT Henrietta Encombe
323 R O HUNT Edwin George jnr Kingston
324 HO HO HUNT Edith Emma Kingston
325 R O HUNT George Theodore Kingston
326 HO HO HUNT Caroline Mary Kingston
327 R HUNT Harold Kingston
328 R HUNT Horace Cecil Kingston
329 R O HUNT Robert Charles Kingston
335 R O JEFFRIES Harry Kingston
336 HO HO JEFFRIES Isabella Kingston
338 R O JOYCE Thomas Eastman Kingston
339 HO HO JOYCE Laura Rose Kingston
343 R O KELLAWAY Charles Henry South St, Kingston
344 HO HO KELLAWAY Lilian South St, Kingston
345 R O KELLAWAY James Blashenwell
354 R O LANDER Sidney Victor Bottom
357 R O LANGTREE George Kingston
358 HO HO LANGTREE Sarah Elizabeth Kingston
363 R O LEGG Henry Blashenwell
364 HO HO LEGG Clara Charlotte Blashenwell
367 R O LIGHT John Tom Encombe
368 HO HO LIGHT Katherine Encombe
369 R LIGHT Leonard John Encombe
370 R O LINNINGTON William George Hood Lynch
371 HO HO LINNINGTON Caroline Lynch
376 R O LOXSTON Alfred Kingston
377 HO HO LOXSTON Elizabeth Kingston
378 R LOXSTON George Kingston
385 R O MARSH Charles Kingston
386 HO HO MARSH Sarah Kingston
387 R O MARSH John Encombe
431 R O MUNDEN Charles Kingston
432 HO HO MUNDEN Annie Kingston
433 R NEALE Elias Encombe
434 R O NEALE John Encombe
435 HO HO NEALE Kate Encombe
436 R O NEALE William Kingston
437 HO HO NEALE Edith Mabel Kingston
441 R O NINEHAM Tom Kingston Barn
444 R O ORCHARD Charles Kingston
445 HO HO ORCHARD Eleanor Kingston
466 R O PAULLEY Joseph William Afflington
467 HO HO PAULLEY Louisa Elizabeth Afflington
493 R O SANSOM Henry Charles Kingston
494 HO HO SANSOM Sarah Hannah Kingston
497 R O SAMWAYS Frank Afflington Barn
498 HO HO SAMWAYS Amelia Selina Afflington Barn
510 R SENNECK Tom Kingston
524 R O SMITH Edwin John Afflington
525 HO HO SMITH Helen Mary Afflington
541 R O SPECK Albert Kingston
542 HO HO SPECK Edna Mary Kingston
543 R O SPECK Henry Francis Kingston
549 R O SPECK Walter William West Hill
550 HO HO SPECK Mary Elizabeth West Hill
557 R O STICKLAND Cyril Lynch
558 HO HO STICKLAND Rose Harriet Lynch
559 O O STICKLAND Alice Mary Encombe
577 R O STOCKLEY George Kingston
613 R TATCHELL Frederick Albert 1 West St, Kingston
623 R O TIZZARD Samuel Thomas James Kingston
624 HO HO TIZZARD Amelia Amy Kingston
625 R O TOMES Albert Scoles Gate
627 R TRAVERS Albert Horace Kingston
628 R O TRAVERS Arthur Lionel Kingston
629 HO HO TRAVERS Agnes Matilda South St, Kingston
630 R TRAVERS Gordon Alan South St, Kingston
631 R O TRAVERS Henry George South St, Kingston
632 HO HO TRAVERS Bessie Maud South St, Kingston
650 R VINCENT Charles West Hill
654 R O VINCENT Freeland George West Hill
668 R O WELLMAN Edward James Kingston
669 HO HO WELLMAN Elizabeth Sarah Kingston
675 O O WHITE Annie Jane South St, Kingston
680 O O WHITE Elizabeth Kingston
685 R WHITE Leonard George South St, Kingston
694 R O WHITE William South St, Kingston
695 HO HO WHITE Anne Eliza South St, Kingston
R Residence qualification
O Occupational qualification
NM Naval or Military voter
HO Qualification through husband’s occupation
1 Absent voter
2 Abode – Renscombe, Worth Matravers + not entitled to vote at elections of County Councillors
3 Abode – Woodyhide Farm, Worth Matravers + not entitled to vote at elections of County Councillors

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