The Early Edmonds 1570-1769

We are grateful to Pamela Johnson nee Edmonds for information provided below and in the linked PDF.

Pam says her Edmonds family link with the Purbeck Hills, dating from c. 1570, was broken in 1769 when, at the age of eleven years, Thomas Edmonds (later Master RN) left his home in Kingston to follow a life under sail. There were a succession of John Edmonds numbered below for ease of identification.


John [1] Edmonds (c.1570-1627) = Katherine ( – 1635)

John [1] is believed to be the son of Nicholas Edmonds (c.1543-1601) of Kingston whose Will made his son John his executor. Sadly only small pieces of the Will survive.

John married Katherine c.1595 and they had a son John [2] and four daughters, Elizabeth, Honor, Dorcas and Ann.

Katherine died in 1635 and an inventory of her property valued at £ was prepared by son John and

John [2] Edmonds (c.1598-1661) =Elizabeth Beacham (c.1602-bef. 1661)

John [2] was the son of John [1] and Katherine. He married Elizabeth Beacham, the daughter of John Beacham (c.1570-1647) and his wife Elizabeth (nee Urry c.1574-1646). John Beacham was a fairly well-to-do yeoman farmer who was also a churchwarden at Kingston church. The marriage brought a parcel of land into the Edmonds family, the deed of which survives.

John [3] Edmonds (-1689)=Joanne & Edward Edmonds (c.1633-1690)=Mary Tyler (c.1632-1710)

John [3] was the eldest son of John [2] Edmonds

In 1641, both John [2] (senior) and John [3] (junior) declared their loyalty to the Church of England as their names appear on the Protestation Return.

John [3] wrote his Will in 1689 leaving his goods and chattels to his wife Joanne Edmonds and his nephew John [4] Edmonds.  This is an extract where John [3] leaves his wearing apparel to his brother Edward:


John [4] Edmonds (c.1667-1729)=Bridget Fisher (c.1671-?)


John [4] was the son of Edward & Bridget

John [5] Edmonds (c.1698-1769)=Mary Chilman (1698-1761)

John [5]

Josiah Edmonds (1727-1769)=Elizabeth Croomes (1731-1792)


An indenture was made on 9 January 1769 between John [5], his only son Josiah