Village News – March 2013

Sunday Lunches

Please note that as 10 March is Mothering Sunday, there will be no Church Group Lunch this month. We hope to resume with our ‘Friendship Lunches’ at various Purbeck Eateries, in April.

Margaret & Davril

Kingston News

This month sees the departure of Rosemary and George Pitman– a huge thank you from us all for the many years of faithful support in so many parts of village life. We wish them both every happiness in their new home in Swanage and hope we will still see them from time to time. To mark the occasion, please do join us for a Bring and Share Lunch at the Church 12.15pm on Sunday, 3 March.

Electoral Roll Update

Now, for any residents, here’s another date for Kingston diaries. Our annual meeting (APCM) is on Thursday, 25 April, a few weeks hence. However, this year, we do need all those on the electoral roll to complete an application form beforehand. Greta Hardy is our electoral roll officer, so, even if not a regular at St James’ Church, if you wish to stay on or join the electoral roll, please ensure that you get your form from Greta and return it to her. This is your village church so do please support it.

March Services

On Sunday, 10 March we have our Mothering Sunday Service at 11.30am, and welcome all ages to our Family Service that day – a warm-hearted service with a difference. Our usual Informal Service takes place the following week, at which people are invited to choose their favourite hymns 11.15am on 17 March.

An event not to be missed as we move towards Easter, will be the BENEFICE SERVICE for PALM Sunday, 24  Mearch. We anticipate the outdoor procession with Palm branches waving and a donkey leading up the hill from the Scott Arms Car park (assemble before 10.30am) to St. James’ Church. Please note the earlier time! Easter Sunday Service is at 11.15am.

This will remind us of Jesus as he rode a donkey into Jerusalem – He knew what was ahead of him, nobody else did at that time, but the story unfolded over Holy Week, and continues today. We can revisit various events across our area, to discover why things happened as they did and realise that it was all part of God’s plan for his people.

Did you know that the prophets predicted Jesus’ death on a cross, about 500 years before it all took place? It was no unfortunate accident; Isaiah wrote in Ch 53 ‘’He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows… wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities, upon him was the chastisement which brought us peace… with his stripes we are healed… an offering for sin…. led like a lamb to the slaughter.” Jesus could have chosen not to accept this suffering, but he knew in his heart that this was why he came to earth. God’s son, took the punishment for the sins of humanity in order to bring forgiveness and peace for all who trust in him. During Holy Week, followers remember what Jesus went through, but the bigger picture has to include Jesus overcoming death. Easter celebrates the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, met with friends, even ate with them on the beach, and was seen by over 500 people in the weeks after his crucifixion. That is why there will be Sunrise services (complete with cooked fish !) early Easter Morning, both at St Aldhelm’s Chapel, on Swanage Beach and on the Purbeck Hills.

Jesus’ words to Doubting Thomas, convinced me some years ago as they were read out one Easter Morning… I was like Thomas, couldn’t grasp it, full of doubt, and Jesus gently said ‘STOP DOUBTING and BELIEVE’. If you struggle with the Easter mystery the best few paragraphs of the Bible are found in John Ch 20…. But don’t leave out the last few verses. Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Hopeful Easter.

Judy Forgan, PCC Secretary

2003: Golden Reunion

Old memories were relived and stories shared when a golden couple took a step back in time to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

The entire wedding party who watched Greta and Terry Hardy from Kingston marry at Betchworth in Surrey in 1953 reunited to commemorate the couple’s 50th anniversary.Even the bridesmaid Ann Robinson, pageboys twins David and Christopher Taylor – who were just three at the time – and best man Michael Hillier attended. The appearance of London-based Michael at the bash at the Springfield Country Hotel proved to be an extra-special surprise for the couple who had not seen him since 1954.

The idea of celebrating their golden wedding in the presence of all of their old friends and family was the idea of Terry. And despite the hard work that he put in trying to locate the whereabouts of all of the 85 guests the couple believe it was well worth the effort.

“It was absolutely fantastic, really superb,” said Greta, 70. “It was a beautiful evening and we were amazed that so many people made the huge effort to be there. It was an occasion to get all our family and friends together again which so rarely ever happens.”

Bournemouth Echo, Tuesday 14 October 2003