Message from Mike Streeter

Interested to read that the “old vicarage” was used up until the late 1800’s. It must at some time have reverted to its former use as all the vicars at Kingston when I was young lived there. There was the Revd. Payne, followed by the Revd. Caulfield-Browne and then Revd. Jim Lloyd who I think was the last vicar to occupy it before the village lost its vicar. I can’t remember Kingston House being used as the vicarage but the Estate Office was there when I was young. My father actually rented the spare garage at the vicarage for many years.

Kingston Old Vicarage

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The Old Vicarage

The ‘Old’ Vicarage is on Kingston Hill, on the left-hand side approaching from Corfe Castle, just before you reach the Scott Arms.

It was used as a Vicarage up to 1887 when the New Church and the New Vicarage were built.

According to Kelly’s Directory of 1889, it was then occupied by Joseph Hughes.

Page last updated: 19 February 2016