1914: May: Parish Magazine

Vicar: Arthur Napier

Vestry Meeting

Held on Tuesday, April 14th, about 25 parishioners present. Chief points considered were as follows:

  1. The appointment of Sidesmen to collect and count the monthly offertory, at Morning and Evening Service.
  2. To adopt a scheme similar to that in use at Wareham, in response to the Bishop’s urgent appeal re Church Finance. First, a card will be sent to each Church-family to be signed and returned by those who are willing to take part in the scheme, stating the amount they are prepared to give (say, for example, 1d. per month). Upon the return of these cards, the Secretary will issue so many envelopes, which in the case of the monthly contributor would be brought once a month (in the case of a yearly contributor, once a year), and dropped into a box in the Church, this box to be cleared after each Sunday evening’s service.
  3. To adopt a suggestion that the hymn during the communion of the people at Choral Celebrations be discontinued.
  4. The question of the right to use the North and South aisles of the Church was brought forward; and after discussion it was ascertained that it was Lord Eldon’s express wish that the North aisle should be for the use of the young men, and the South aisle for the young women and children: as this is so, there is no more to be said on the matter except to ask those concerned to respect his Lordship’s wishes.
  5. The following appointments were made:

Mr. Hughes, Sidesman

Mr. Joyce, Sidesman

Mr. Medd, Sidesman

Mr. Seymour, Sidesman

Mr. F. Hunt, Sidesman

Mr. L. Jeffery, Secretary for Church Finance

N.B. – In our Parish we are so situated that we have no need to appoint Churchwardens as other parishes do, the wardenship of the Church being entirely in the hands of Lord Eldon and Mr. Candy.


The Easter Offering for the Bulford Camp Church Building amounted to £4. The May collection (which will be made on May 17th) is for the Temperance Society, when the address will be given by Mr. G. Scott, Diocesan Secretary.


Mar. 30.            Arthur Vincent and Susan Hibbs