James Seaward Cooper (1881–1942) = Jane Tatchell (1883–1957)

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James was born on 18 September 1881 to Charles Seaward Cooper (1843–1927) and his wife Sarah Annie Cooper nee White (1846–1933).

By 1901, James was employed as a blacksmith at Kingston.

In 1908, James married Jane Tatchell who was born on 25 November 1883 at Swanage. James’s brother Albert Henry Cooper married Frances Mary Tatchell, also in 1908, but it is not known whether the two Tatchell girls were related in any way prior to becoming sisters-in-law.

James and Jane had two sons, Seaward, born in 1908, and George, born in 1914.

In 1922, the family were living at 1 Townsend Lane, Swanage.

At the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939, James, Jane and second son George were living at 26 Steer Road, Swanage. James’ occupation was shown as Agricultural Mechanic & Farrier (Journeyman).

The Cooper Family. Photo courtesy of Jason Harrison.

Pictured standing from left to right are: James Seaward Cooper, son Seward Charles Cooper, ?, and son George Frederick William Cooper. Seated is James’ mother Sarah Ann Cooper nee White.  The photo was taken about 1930 at the rear of the cottages on South Street, Kingston. It is likely that James’ wife Jane Cooper nee Tatchell took the photo.

James died in 1942 and his widow Jane died at Swanage Hospital in 1957. She was buried at Godlingston Cemetery.

Children of James and Jane:

1. Seaward Charles Cooper (1908-1962).

Seaward Charles Cooper. Photo courtesy of Jason Harrison.

Seaward, born on 15 December 1908, was known as ‘Sid‘. He was a carpenter and married Beatrice ‘Beat’ Violet Bartlett (1919-1977) in 1939. They lived at 16 Court Road, Swanage. Sid died in 1962 and Beat married Frank Inman in 1971. She died in 1977.

2. George Frederick William Cooper (1914-1986)

George was born 1 July 1914. In 1939, George was a journeyman painter and decorator. He was single and living with his parents.

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Gravestone Image – Jesse William & Bessie Beatrice Marsh


Photo of gravestone taken in 2015 by Jan Marsh



Jesse William Marsh was born at Kingston on 14 May 1892 to Charles Marsh (1858-1936), a carter, and Sarah Marsh nee Tatchell (1858-1927) who were living at West Hill. Between 1901 and 1911, the family moved to Orchard Hill. Soon after the outbreak of the First World War, Jesse was serving his country. He is thought to have been with the Royal Garrison Artillery.

Jesse married Bessie Beatrice Bray at Kingston on 11 September 1916. At the time Jesse was residing at South Farnborough. Bessie was born on 18 January 1894. Her father was named as William John Bray on the marriage record but further investigation suggests her father’s middle name may have been Henry instead. The witnesses were John Marsh (brother of Jesse) and Katherine Hunt.

Jesse and Bessie continued to live at Orchard Hill. It is thought they had three children (born 1920, 1922 and 1924) but none were living at home in September 1939 when Jesse gave his occupation as Farm Foreman.

Bessie saw the RAF airplane immediately before it crashed on 18 March 1938 – see Three Killed in R.A.F. Accident.

Bessie died on 22 December 1945 aged 51 and was buried at Kingston New Church two days later (Christmas Eve). Jesse survived her by just under eleven years. He died aged 64 on 1 December 1956 and was buried three days later.

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Charles Seaward Cooper (1844-1927) = Sarah Ann White (1846-1933)

Note: The spelling of Seaward is as read from several documents but it is likely to have been derived from his mother’s family name Seward.

Charles was born at Kimmeridge suggesting that his parents had by then moved from Hide (sic) to Gaulter as Hide was in the Parish of Steeple. In 1861 aged 17, Charles was living with his parents and six siblings, at Gaulter near Kimmeridge. His father Thomas was a carpenter, and Charles took up this trade originally at Steeple and then at Kingston.

In September 1866 Charles aged 22, married Sarah Ann White (1846-1933) aged 20 from Corfe Castle, in St. Edward’s Church at Corfe Castle.

In the 1851 census, Sarah Ann was 5 years of age living with her grandparents George and Elizabeth White in East Street, Corfe Castle. Her mother is not identified. However the grandparents also have an unmarried daughter, Mary aged 34 staying with them and 3 grandsons all with the surname White. A younger daughter Caroline, who was Sarah’s mother and aged 30, is not present.

In 1861 Sarah aged 16, is working as a domestic servant at the Castle Inn, Corfe  Castle, owned or managed by a Mr Miller.

The 1871 census identifies Charles and Sarah with three children and living in a cottage at Steeple. The eldest child, Elizabeth, is 4 years old, Eliza 2 and the baby Annie.

In the 1881 census Charles and Sarah are still at Steeple with a family of six children at home: Eliza 12, Annie 10, Henry 7, Edward 2, Georgina 5 and William 1.

By 1891 the family has moved to South Street, Kingston (part of the Encombe Estate) with six children at home and Charles is identified as a carpenter journeyman (self-employed) and is working on the Encombe Estate. The children at home were Edward 12, William 11, James 9, the twins Albert and Caroline 7 and Emma aged 5.

In the 1901 census Charles is still working as a carpenter on the Encombe Estate, is still resident in (I believe no. 5) South Street, Kingston with his wife Sarah and they have living with them three children: James 19, Albert 17 and Emma 15 and two grandchildren James and Florence Cook aged 6 and 4 respectively and born at Rusper in Sussex (these were Eliza’s children). The census does not indicate the house number but I know that Caroline (known in the family as Auntie Carr) and her sister (Auntie) Annie (Dorey) lived in no. 5 as I visited them many times during my childhood and from family history they were still living where their parents had lived.

Charles who was apparently a rather large person, predeceased his wife Sarah by some six years when he died in 1927. He was buried at Kingston New Church. Charles and Sarah had 12 children. From family history Sarah was a very meticulous character with regular habits and was particularly fussy about her hair which was brushed and combed each day, in her latter days by her daughter Caroline.

1. Elizabeth Caroline (Bess) Cooper (1867-?)

In 1891 Elizabeth was employed as a cook by a Sarah White of East Street, Corfe Castle and in December 1900 she married James George Colman Clewes in Kingston Church. Bess and her husband moved to South Lambeth, London where he lived and where they raised two daughters known in the family as ‘Ciss’ and ‘Dolly’.

2. Eliza Alice Cooper (1869-1959)

Still at home aged 12 in the 1881 census but by 1891 she is employed as a cook to the Pinnery family at West Buckknowle, near Church Knowle. Eliza Alice married Walter Cook from Rusper, Sussex in 1894. They had two children: Seward James Cook and Florence Cook. Seward James, who married Clara Ethel Brain, was a member of London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) and was killed in World War 1 on 16 June 1917. Seward’s son celebrated his 100th birthday on 15th January 2017!

Walter Cookwho passed away some six years later.

Eliza remarried at Kingston in 1909 to Thomas John Dipper also from Kingston.

3. Annie Grace Cooper (1871-1963)

Annie was employed as a housekeeper and married  (William) Frederick Dorey, a groom, also from Kingston, son of Stephen Dorey, a gardener. Sadly William died aged 41 leaving Annie to raise her two children Charles and Agnes. She continued working while her sister Caroline tended to the children.

4. Catherine Louisa Cooper (1872-1872)

5. Henry Sidney Cooper (1874-1882)

6. Georgina Mary Cooper (1876-1882)

Aged 5 at the 1881 census.

7. Edward Thomas Cooper (1878-1916)

In the 1911 census Edward is working as a gardener and living with his wife Mary and three children Cecil, James and Violet at Winchfield, Hampshire.

8. William Cooper (1879-1962)

william cooper

Nora married William Charles Cooper (1881-1962) at Kingston in 1907 ant they had four children: David, William, Mary & Gerald. Please see The Cooper / Hooper Connection 1907.

9. James Seaward Cooper (1881-1942)

Aged 19 at the 1891 census James is employed as a blacksmith at Kingston. James married Jane Tatchell (1883-?) and they had two sons Seaward Charles Cooper and George Frederick William Cooper. Please see The Cooper / Tatchell Connection#1 1908.

10. Albert Henry Cooper (1884-1958)

Bert, as he was known was a twin with his sister Caroline and he married Frances Mary (Fanny) Tatchell from Kingston in September 1908. I believe it may have been Fanny who provided the part time ‘Sweet Shop’ in West Street. They had a daughter Winifred Gertrude. Please see The Cooper / Tatchell Connection#2 1908.

11. Caroline Mary Cooper (1884-1972)

Caroline married George Theodore Hunt and they lived with her father in Kingston. Caroline had no children of her own but she almost fostered her sister Annie’s children while Annie continued working as a Housekeeper. Caroline lived her latter years, still in her parents house No. 5, South Street, Kingston, with her elder sister Annie. As a child I recall visits to these elderly aunts – they were both scrupulous in their appearance and the house was spotless although there was always the lingering whiff of parafin which was used to fuel the cooking appliance. This small hob and oven produced fantastic fairy cakes, but we children had to remain silent unless spoken to! They were both frail and slim built and I can recall their grey hair but they were very loving Aunties and we loved visiting them. In her latter years Caroline was cared for by her neice Mary (Cottrell) at Verwood but she was laid to rest at Kingston.

12. Emma Louisa Cooper (1886-?)

Emma married Edward James Leavey of Old Basing near Basingstoke.

Information and photograph kindly provided by David Gerald Lester Cooper, great grandson of Charles Seaward Cooper and  Sarah Ann Cooper (nee White)

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The Hunt Family – 1

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Robert Hunt (1803-1856)

Robert was the son of Robert Hunt (1776-1859) of Dorset and Margaret (Peggy) Hunt neé Shepherd (1781-1849). Robert (Senior) and Peggy married at Worth Matravers on 16 June 1802 and they had eight children. Robert (Senior) lived to the ripe old age of 87 years and died whilst living at Langton Matravers.

Robert (Junior), an Agricultural Labourer, married Eliza Corben (1805-1871) on 10 August 1824, also at Worth Matravers. Robert and Eliza had a large family of eleven children, including George Hunt (1826-1904) – see below. Robert died in 1856 whilst living at Hill Bottom.

George Hunt (1826-1904)

George Hunt was born in December 1826 and was baptised on Christmas Day 1826 at Worth Matravers.

George Hunt
George Hunt (1826-1904). Photograph courtesy of Lesley Mann.

George was an Agricultural Labourer and worked at Encombe House. On Christmas Day 1849 George married Charlotte Roe (1826-1907) the daughter of Kingston tailor Charles Roe (1774-1845) and Charlotte Roe neé Skutt (1784-1864). Charlotte (Junior) had an older sister Mary Ann Roe (1812-1891) who married into The White Family – 1.

Charlotte Hunt Snr (Nee Roe)
Charlotte Hunt (Senior) neé Roe (1826-1907). Photo courtesy of Lesley Mann

George and Charlotte had five children:
●    Elizabeth Ann Hunt (1850-1912) – Elizabeth married Abraham Tatchell (c.1848-1918)
●    Robert Charles Hunt (1857-1910) – Robert married Eliza Tatchell (1859-?) and they had seven children including son William Walter Hunt (1881-1936) – see later
●    Walter Hunt (1862-?) – Walter married Emma Stimpson
●    Sarah Jane Hunt 1865-?) – Sarah married Frederick Cattle
●    Charlotte Bertha Hunt (1867-1958) – Charlotte married Timothy Michael Patrick Green

At the time son Robert was born, the family were living at Church Knowle. All other children were born while the family were living at Kingston. In 1901, George and Charlotte were living in West Street.

Charlotte Bertha sitting on floor
Group photo showing George Hunt in hat and beard with Charlotte Hunt neé Roe next to him with a rug on her knee. The two little girls sitting on the ground are their daughters Charlotte Bertha and Sarah Jane. Do you know any of the others? Photo courtesy of Lesley Mann.
Charlotte Bertha Hunt
Charlotte Bertha Green neé Hunt, daughter of George & Charlotte, born 26 Dec 1867 at Kingston. Photo courtesy of Lesley Mann.
Charlotte's sister Sarah
Charlotte’s sister Sarah Jane Cattle neé Hunt b.1865. Photo courtesy of Lesley Mann.

In 1901, George and Charlotte wee living in West Street. George died on 24 November 1904 aged 77. His widow Charlotte died on 2 October 1907 aged 81.

HUNT Charlotte & Georges Grave at Kingston (2)
Inscription on Gravestone of George Hunt who died 24 Nov 1904 aged 77 and his widow, Charlotte Hunt who died 2 Oct 1907 aged 81

George’s great great granddaughter Lesley Mann says: “I would love to add anything new to my tree and would appreciate it very much if anyone had any more information for me. My e-mail is lesley.mann102@gmail.com likewise if there is anyone out there who would like to know more please feel free to contact me.”

Walter William Hunt (1881-1936)

Walter was the son of Robert Charles Hunt (1857-1910) and Eliza Hunt neé Tatchell (1861-?). Walter, who served in the Royal Marines at Portsmouth, married Southsea born Annie Prudence Barber (1886-1934) at Alverstoke on  8 May 1909.

Walter William Hunt & Annie Barber wedding 1909
The wedding of Walter William Hunt and Annie Prudence Barber at Alverstoke on 8 May 1909. Photo courtesy of Tony Baker, grandson of Ada Barber.

Walter & Annie did not have any children of their own but fostered two of Annie’s eldest sister Ada’s children for several years until Annie’s death in 1934. Walter died in Gosport on 17 May 1936. For many years their grave was marked by a simple wooden cross, but in 2013 the family arranged for a permanent memorial to be erected (see photo below).

walter and annie headstone from tony baker
Gravestone of Walter William Hunt and Annie Prudence Hunt neé Barber. Photo courtesy of Tony Baker.

We are indebted to Lesley Mann and Tony Baker for their help in compiling The Hunt Family – 1 page. Family history is always ‘work in progress’ and additional information will be incorporated as it comes to light.

If you have any further information, memories, photographs etc. about the Hunt family then please get in touch with us.

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Message from Sarah Holland

Hi i was just wondering if any one could help me?

I am researching my family tree and it seems that all of my ancestors on my mother’s side lived in Corfe Castle and Kingston! I am stuck on my 5th great grandmother Sarah Tatchell, she was born abt 1785 and married in Kingston to a man called George Grant. I can’t find any infomation on her other than her maiden name was Tatchell, which is on the marriage certificate! I have found lots of “Tatchells” living in the area at that time but no Sarah that matches her age!

Any information would be great, thank you!

Sarah Holland
Wareham, Dorset

1938: The Late Mr. Gilbert V. Dorey

Three former vicars of Kingston (Corfe Castle) attended the funeral service at St. James’ Church, on Saturday afternoon, of Mr. Gilbert Victor Dorey, who for over 30 years had been organist at the church. The interior of the building which deceased knew and loved so well, still bore its Christmas decorations, as the coffin, borne by four senior employees (Messrs. Gerald Loxton, Charlie Orchard, George Hunt and Jesse Marsh), of the Encombe Estate, was carried into the church, the cortege being preceded by the choir, with the congregation joining in the hymn, “Peace, perfect peace.” As the cortege left the church the “Nunc Dimittis” was chanted.

The Vicar (the Rev. M. de Burgh Scott) conducted the service, assisted by the Rev. F. S. Horan (the former vicar). Mr. Charles Pond was at the organ.

The principal mourners were the widow, Mrs. C. Clark, Mrs. G. Randall, Mrs. E. Brake, and Mrs. W. Neale (sisters), Mr. A. Dorey and Mr. R. Dorey (brothers), Mr. C. Dorey, Mr. W. Randall, Mr. and Mrs. P. Hann, and Miss O. Dorey (nephews and nieces), Mr. G. Dorey, Mr. and Mrs. E. Dorey, and Mrs. W. Smith (cousins). Mrs. F. Dorey, Mrs. A. S. Dorey, Mrs. A. Dorey, Mrs. W. Dorey, and Miss Jukes (sisters-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. F. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. L. Turner, Mr. J. Marsh, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barnes.

Mr. W. Dorey (eldest brother) was unable to attend owing to illness.

Included among those present in the church were Archdeacon Smith and the Rev. Raymond A. Bond (former vicars), Mrs. M. de B. Scott, Mrs. F. S. Horan, Mrs. Raymond A. Bond, Mrs. Fenwick-Owen, Captain J. Docrwa Rogers, Mr. Walter E. Candy (agent to the Encombe Estate), and Mr. E. A. Hixson, together with many estate employees and villagers.

The large number of wreaths included tributes from the bellringers, choirmen, boys and girls, and sidesmen of St. James’ Church, Kingston, Mr. W. E. Candy (agent), and Messrs. Hixson, Loxton, Gale, and Marsh (senior employees), Estate and farm employees, Kingston ex-Service men and Kingston Women’s Institute.


The beautiful floral tokens included the following:- In ever-loving memory of my darling Husband, from his sorrowing Wife; Cecil and Ron (sons); Charlotte and family; Bessie and family; Jennie and Ernest; Lou and George (Canada); Mabel and Will and Phillip; Walt, Gert, and Marjorie; Alf, Rose, Fred, and Iris; Bob, Bet, Grace, and Betty; Art, Irene, Olive (nephew and nieces); Annie, Agnes, and family, Charlie, Kath, Michael; Lot, George, Nance, Ern and Rose, and Amy (cousins); Alice (sister-in-law); Ben, Fred, and Frank (brother-in-law and nephews); Walt and Ern (brother-in-law and sister); Bert and family (brother-in-law and sister); Vicar and Mrs. Scott; Rev. Raymond and Mrs. Bond and Miss Margaret; Mr. and Mrs. A. Cooper and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. Stickland; ”Eldon Arms,” Kingston; Mr. and Mrs. F. Tatchell; Mrs. Allen, Corfe Castle; Mr. and Mrs. P. Damer and Nellie; Mrs. N. Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. D. Barnes; Rhoda and Will; Ronald and Hubert; Jack.

Mrs. Dorey and family sincerely thank the many friends who have expressed sympathy and sent floral tributes in their bereavement.


The late Mr. Dorey passed away at his home, 3, West-street, Kingston on Tuesday, after a fairly long period of ill-health, although his last illness was of short duration. Aged 51 years, he was a native of the village, and throughout the whole of his working life had been employed on the Encombe Estate. As far as the communal spirit of the village was concerned Mr. Dorey was one of the greatest stalwarts. His greatest interest was in the church, which he served faithfully for 44 years, as choirboy from the age of seven and upwards of 30 years as organist and choirmaster. He also lent a hand at bell-ringing, and at times he rang regularly for fairly long periods, in spite of the calls made upon his time by other church duties. As a tribute to his memory the bells were rung half-muffled following the committal on Saturday afternoon.


A keen musician deceased could play a number of instruments and for many years was one of the leading members of the Kingston Village Band. He was also interested in the many social functions which have produced such a happy village life at Kingston, and he was ever ready to lend a hand in whatever direction the call was made. Only a fortnight before his death he took part in a play in the village hall, while it may be recalled that just 12 months before his passing – on December 26th 1937 – he was one of the Kingston Players taking part in Thos. Hardy’s “The Three Strangers,” broadcast by the B.B.C.

Mr. Dorey leaves a widow and two sons aged 13 and 9, with whom much sympathy is felt.

Western Gazette, Friday 6 January 1939


1914: December: Parish Magazine

Vicar: Arthur Napier

Church Services

I hope to have the usual Lantern Services on the first three Wednesdays in Advent, namely – December 2nd, 9th and 16th, at 7 p.m.

There will be no Mid-day Service of Communion on the third Sunday of the month, but two Celebrations on Christmas morning at 8 and 11. The collections on this day will be made for the Church of England Society for Waif and Stray Children.


The Lord Bishop of the Diocese held a Confirmation Service at Corfe Castle on Thursday, November 26th, at 3 o’clock. Three candidates were presented from Kingston: George Caines, Seymour Tatchell and Lillian Allen.


We have now, I am proud to say, twelve (in addition to E. J. Collins, at present a prisoner of war) connected directly or indirectly with our village who are serving with the Colours.

May God protect them and enable them to be a credit to their King, their Country and their village home:

William Cooper            Fred Bullen

Walter Hunt                  Robert Grant

James Medd                 Jesse Marsh

Robert Dorey                George Davis

Jack Caines                  Alan Travers

Parish Almanacs

These Almanacs for the New Year can be had after any of the Lantern Services in December.


Nov. 15.            Mary Geraldine de Courcy Cooper