1914: April: Parish Magazine

Vicar: Arthur Napier


The amount of the March offertory made on behalf of the Bishop of Salisbury’s Fund under the new organisation of Church Finance amounted to £2 10s. 0d.

The Easter offering is always and everywhere regarded as a present from the Congregation to their Minister, so that if the latter be poor, those amongst whom he labours may contribute to his earthly needs; while if he already have enough, he may devote the offering to some objectwhich he has at heart. This year I propose to send what you of your generosity give me (on Easter Day) to help to build a Church for the use of the soldiers at Bulford, near Salisbury, who though five times as many as we are in Kingston have no place of worship, while we have two.


There will be no Communion Service on the first Sunday of the month (April 5th), as there will be two on the following Sunday (Easter Day). As the children’s “Mercy Sunday” falls on Easter Day, it will be kept on the Sunday following. Good Friday – Morning Service with sermon at 11. Children’s Service (in new Church) at 2.45. ; Service of Song at 6.30. Easter Day – Holy Communion at 8; Choral Communion at 11.

N.B. – Will those who cannot make it convenient to remain for the entire service, kindly leave the Church during the singing of the collection hymn. Children’s Service at 3.

N.B. – Will those children who bring primroses or other flowers for the decoration of their Church please take them up to the Old Church by 10 o’clock.

Evening Prayer, Anthem and Sermon at 6.30


Mar 24.             At Langton, Olive Grace Audley

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