1914: October: Parish Magazine

Vicar: Arthur Napier

There are but few remarks to be made in this month’s Magazine, since everything that might be of interest at ordinary times seems to sink into insignificance in the face of this tremendous war.

The visit from the Rev. A. Lombardini was, I understand, greatly appreciated; as I felt sure, when I invited him, that it would be. I may say also that he, for his part, seems to have thoroughly enjoyed himself here.

The Festival of Thanksgiving for the sage ingathering of Harvest is due to be observed on September 27th. I will leave space for the insertion of the amount collected on behalf of the Bournemouth Hospital. £5 5s. 0d.

I cannot definitely state the date on which the Reading Room will be opened, but I hope the necessary furniture and fittings will be complete about the middle of October.


Aug. 30.            George Frederick William Cooper

Sep. 27.            Frederick Edward John Collins


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