Village News – January 2013

Firstly, I want to offer a huge thank you to all of those who contributed in any way to the Purbeck Christmas Tree Festival, especially to all those who sponsored and decorated the trees, also to the kind people who gave their time to prepare the Church and serve the refreshments, from right across the Benefice and beyond.

Also we had some beautiful music contributions which added to the special atmosphere ranging from visiting hand bell ringers, as well as various singing groups and soloists. This included the Local Vocals, St George’s School Choir, Roni Merison, Roderick Rayley, Felicity Smith, the May Day Singers, Isle of Purbeck Arts Club Choir and Canzonetta, who gave a lovely festive concert amid the trees, truly a memorable experience.

However, I now want to thank all those who visited and were so generous with their donations; we were thrilled to find that the event, even after expenses, raised nearly £2000 pounds, enabling us to pass on £1000 to Julia’s House and perhaps start to look at replacing some of the ageing chairs in the Church. Martin Edwards, Chief Executive of the local children’s hospice, gave a very moving talk about the difficulties that families face and how the work of Julia’s House supports families and very sick children. So thank you all for your support of this very worthy cause.

Our thanks also go to The Scott Arms for hosting the Christmas Party and also all who helped with the Christingle Service this year.

Now that Christmas is behind us it is time to be looking ahead and mindful of any changes we need to make ourselves, in our own lives. Each new year brings fresh challenges (or should we say opportunities) as things never stay quite the same. One thing that won’t be the same for those in Kingston is the big gap that will be left in the village community when dear George and Rosemary Pitman leave.

They have both been such stalwarts in Kingston and always so available to people. Often, we don’t miss something or someone until they are no longer about. Please don’t let this be the case with George and Rosemary. Let’s really appreciate them now, but at the same time realise that we will be needing willing people to replace their vital role in Kingston.

I don’t live in Kingston, but I know I will miss all the ‘help’ that is given on a regular basis. Please begin to think of how, as an individual, you may be able to help fill this gap. (for example who will do their Dubber deliveries, when they go?)

New year – new beginnings– new desires – new me – (new diet?) How many expectations do we impose on ourselves at this time? Often we try too hard for it to be realistic. So as we move into 2013, perhaps it is a time to reflect on and appreciate all our blessings first and then begin to ‘ treasure up these things and ponder them in our heart’ ( just as Mary did after having baby Jesus).

Having done that, we could then seek God’s will for our lives in 2013…. Just a simple quiet prayer like.. ….Thank you heavenly Father, for all the special things in my life (for example, family, friends, home, ) now Lord, what do you want me to try in 2013? Then don’t be afraid to see what He has in mind. He will see us through, for sure.

Best wishes for a very happy, healthy and satisfying New Year.

Judy Forgan

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