Village News – September 2015

Flower, Craft & Music Festival

The lovely Church of St James at the top of Kingston Hill will be hosting a new festival this year, one which celebrates ‘ Heavenly Foods’ in the form of a combined Flowers and Craft Festival, at which you will also be able to enjoy live music at various times of the day. The event is open to the public from 10am until 5pm on Saturday, 19 September and Sunday, 20 September and is free of charge. We hope to have the bell tower open both days, for people to enjoy the splendid views over Purbeck, and at certain times you can enjoy hearing the amazing set of 10 bells.This will be our major fund raiser of 2015 in the absence of the Fête and Christmas Tree Festival, so please come and support it, bring your friends, families and neighbours and enjoy the special surroundings whilst savouring refreshments on the lawn with the best views in Purbeck.

Harvest Festival

The following week on Sunday, 27 September the St James’ Church will have its Annual Harvest Festival at 11.15am with the Harvest Supper on the following night.

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