Village News – February 2018

The St. James’ PCC would like to wish Kingston residents and everyone in the Benefice a Happy New Year.

Following the very well attended and much enjoyed Advent Service in December and the Christingle on Christmas Eve we now look forward to the year of 2018 and the challenges it will bring. Many thanks go to Becca Charron for organising the Advent Service and to Sue Ireland plus Peter and Cynthia Buckle for the Christingle. The retired clergy assisting us by covering our services during the Interregnum are proving to be a delight to work with and our grateful thanks go out to all of them.

The Benefice Service on 4 February will be held at Kingston at 10.30am. The occasional singers will be in attendance; their singing adds greatly to the services and it is always a pleasure to listen to them. Please come along to join us if you can and we extend a warm invitation to all Kingston villagers and everyone in the Benefice as a whole. The service will be followed by coffee and refreshments. Hope to see you there.

Doreen Farr

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