Kingston House

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new vicarage

The New Vicarage as it appeared in The Architect

This drawing, published in The Architect in 1878, is of the ‘New’ Vicarage. It is constructed of pale Purbeck stone, has part-leaded and stone mullioned windows set with seats, and has tall chimneys.

As well as designing the new church, the architect G E Street, also designed and supervised the building around the same time of a seven-bedroom house as a parsonage for the new church next door. It even had its own private path leading to the church.

According to Kelly’s Directory of 1885 it was occupied by Rev. Spencer Compton Spencer-Smith M.A.

Further research is needed to establish when the building ceased to be used as the Vicarage. It has been known as ‘Kingston House’ since 1932 or before and is a Grade II listed building.

old postcard via Dave Sansom

An old postcard view of Kingston (colourised very badly!) showing the very substantial ‘New’ Vicarage now known as Kingston House. Postcard courtesy of Dave Sansom.

Immediately adjacent to the house were the stables, just visible on the left of the house in the drawing above, which also housed the vicar’s coachman and his family.


A glimpse of Kingston House in January 2015

Mike Streeter can remember when the Estate Office was in Kingston House – he was sent there by his mum to pay the rent.

See 1939 Register – Kingston House for registered residents as at 29 September 1939

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