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Robert Hunt (1803-1856)

Robert was the son of Robert Hunt (1776-1859) of Dorset and Margaret (Peggy) Hunt neé Shepherd (1781-1849). Robert (Senior) and Peggy married at Worth Matravers on 16 June 1802 and they had eight children. Robert (Senior) lived to the ripe old age of 87 years and died whilst living at Langton Matravers.

Robert (Junior), an Agricultural Labourer, married Eliza Corben (1805-1871) on 10 August 1824, also at Worth Matravers. Robert and Eliza had a large family of eleven children, including George Hunt (1826-1904) – see below. Robert died in 1856 whilst living at Hill Bottom.

George Hunt (1826-1904)

George Hunt was born in December 1826 and was baptised on Christmas Day 1826 at Worth Matravers.

George Hunt
George Hunt (1826-1904). Photograph courtesy of Lesley Mann.

George was an Agricultural Labourer and worked at Encombe House. On Christmas Day 1849 George married Charlotte Roe (1826-1907) the daughter of Kingston tailor Charles Roe (1774-1845) and Charlotte Roe neé Skutt (1784-1864). Charlotte (Junior) had an older sister Mary Ann Roe (1812-1891) who married into The White Family – 1.

Charlotte Hunt Snr (Nee Roe)
Charlotte Hunt (Senior) neé Roe (1826-1907). Photo courtesy of Lesley Mann

George and Charlotte had five children:
●    Elizabeth Ann Hunt (1850-1912) – Elizabeth married Abraham Tatchell (c.1848-1918)
●    Robert Charles Hunt (1857-1910) – Robert married Eliza Tatchell (1859-?) and they had seven children including son William Walter Hunt (1881-1936) – see later
●    Walter Hunt (1862-?) – Walter married Emma Stimpson
●    Sarah Jane Hunt 1865-?) – Sarah married Frederick Cattle
●    Charlotte Bertha Hunt (1867-1958) – Charlotte married Timothy Michael Patrick Green

At the time son Robert was born, the family were living at Church Knowle. All other children were born while the family were living at Kingston. In 1901, George and Charlotte were living in West Street.

Charlotte Bertha sitting on floor
Group photo showing George Hunt in hat and beard with Charlotte Hunt neé Roe next to him with a rug on her knee. The two little girls sitting on the ground are their daughters Charlotte Bertha and Sarah Jane. Do you know any of the others? Photo courtesy of Lesley Mann.
Charlotte Bertha Hunt
Charlotte Bertha Green neé Hunt, daughter of George & Charlotte, born 26 Dec 1867 at Kingston. Photo courtesy of Lesley Mann.
Charlotte's sister Sarah
Charlotte’s sister Sarah Jane Cattle neé Hunt b.1865. Photo courtesy of Lesley Mann.

In 1901, George and Charlotte wee living in West Street. George died on 24 November 1904 aged 77. His widow Charlotte died on 2 October 1907 aged 81.

HUNT Charlotte & Georges Grave at Kingston (2)
Inscription on Gravestone of George Hunt who died 24 Nov 1904 aged 77 and his widow, Charlotte Hunt who died 2 Oct 1907 aged 81

George’s great great granddaughter Lesley Mann says: “I would love to add anything new to my tree and would appreciate it very much if anyone had any more information for me. My e-mail is likewise if there is anyone out there who would like to know more please feel free to contact me.”

Walter William Hunt (1881-1936)

Walter was the son of Robert Charles Hunt (1857-1910) and Eliza Hunt neé Tatchell (1861-?). Walter, who served in the Royal Marines at Portsmouth, married Southsea born Annie Prudence Barber (1886-1934) at Alverstoke on  8 May 1909.

Walter William Hunt & Annie Barber wedding 1909
The wedding of Walter William Hunt and Annie Prudence Barber at Alverstoke on 8 May 1909. Photo courtesy of Tony Baker, grandson of Ada Barber.

Walter & Annie did not have any children of their own but fostered two of Annie’s eldest sister Ada’s children for several years until Annie’s death in 1934. Walter died in Gosport on 17 May 1936. For many years their grave was marked by a simple wooden cross, but in 2013 the family arranged for a permanent memorial to be erected (see photo below).

walter and annie headstone from tony baker
Gravestone of Walter William Hunt and Annie Prudence Hunt neé Barber. Photo courtesy of Tony Baker.

We are indebted to Lesley Mann and Tony Baker for their help in compiling The Hunt Family – 1 page. Family history is always ‘work in progress’ and additional information will be incorporated as it comes to light.

If you have any further information, memories, photographs etc. about the Hunt family then please get in touch with us.

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