Wesleyan Chapel

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chapel cottage

The former Wesleyan Chapel at Lynch

The Wesleyan Chapel was built in 1861 at the foot of Kingston Hill. It had sittings for 110 people according to the ‘Returns of accommodation provided in Wesleyan Methodist Chapels’  of 1873.


The 1861 datestone.

Bob Dorey, commented in his book ‘My Memories by a Village Carpenter’:

… the Earl approached my father while he was at work in Encombe gardens and said “Stephen, I would like you to be one of my Ringers on Sundays.” “I’m sorry, m’Lord” replied Father, but I’m a Wesleyan.” “That needn’t matter” said his Lordship “You can go down to the Chapel after the peal …”


side view

A side view of the former chapel.

The property was advertised for sale in 1938 for the grand sum of £52:

wesleyan chapel sale notice

It is now a cottage available as a holiday let.


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