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Beatrice Mary ALLEN (neé BYDDER) died 24 March 1940

ALLEN Beatrice Mary of Greyston, West-street Corfe Castle Dorsetshire Widow died 24 March 1940 Probate London 5 July (1940) to John William Miller Solicitor. Effects £1,148 12s 9d.


Lady Charlotte Elizabeth BANKES

BANKES The Honourable (commonly called Lady) Charlotte Elizabeth. 1871 (6 March) Administration of the effects of the Honourable (commonly called Lady) Charlotte Elizabeth Bankes (wife of the Reverend Eldon Surtees Bankes, Clerk) late of Corfe Castle in the County of Dorset was granted at the Probate registry to the said Reverend Eldon Surtees Bankes of Corfe Castle.

Montague Frederick BARNES died 24 October 1950

BARNES Montague Frederick of Afflington Farm Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 24 October 1950 at Frenchay Hospital Bristol. Probate Winchester 28 March (1951) to John Vincent Barnes and Leslie Barnes farmers. Effects £10,735 17s 6d.

Charles BARTLETT died 16 August 1925

BARTLETT Charles of Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 16 August 1925 at the Swanage Cottage Hospital Swanage Dorsetshire Probate London 19 October (1925) to Georgina Jane Bartlett widow Edward James Sanson ironmonger and John William Miller solicitor. Effects £4,713 10s 3d.

George Edward BARTLETT died 1 February 1939

BARTLETT George Edward of Eldon Arms Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 1 February 1939 at Herrison House Dorchester Dorsetshire Probate Blandford 26 June (1939) to Lilian Matilda Bartlett widow and Charles Henry Moss grocer. Effects £1,670 4s 6d.

Augustus Henry BEAVES died 27 February 1956

BEAVES Augustus Henry of Westholme Horsell Birch Horsell Woking Surrey died 27 February 1956. Probate London 8 May (1956) to Frederick William Beaves carpenter and Elsie May Beaves spinster. Effects £3,578 4s 8d.

Edith BEAVES died 14 December 1935

BEAVES Edith of South-street Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire Spinster died 14 December 1935. Probate Blandford 20 January (1936) to Annie Jane White widow. Effects £243 7s 10d.

John Ivamy BEAVES died 26 February 1939

BEAVES John Ivamy of 81 Salcott-road Wandsworth Common Surrey died 26 February 1939 at St. James Hospital Wandsworth Common. Probate London 17 April (1939) to Albert George Beaves Furrier and Margaret Louisa Beaves Spinster. Effects £1,280 14s 4d.

William Luckham BEAVES died 29 March 1929

BEAVES William Luckham of 56 Durham-road Manor Park Essex died 29 March 1929. Administration (with Will) London 30 April (1929) to Lucinda Catherine Beaves widow. Effects £139 8s 5d.

Edwin James BEAVIS died 6 February 1952

BEAVIS Edwin James of Coombe Langton Matravers Swanage Dorsetshire died 6 February 1952 at Coombe Farm Langton Matravers. Administration Winchester 8 November (1952) to Ellen Guppy Beavis widow. Effects £348 2s 7d.

Alice Jane BRAKE (neé DOREY) died 2 September 1961

BRAKE Alice Jane of Darbra Baileys Drove Wool Dorset widow died 2 September 1961 at Dorset County Hospital Dorchester Dorset. Probate Winchester 23 May (1962) to Frederick Charles Dorey higher executive officer. Effects £551 3s.

Frances Mary BUGLER (neé GOULD) died 22 November 1950

BUGLER Frances Mary of Hill Bottom Worth Matravers Wareham Dorsetshire (wife of Charles Bugler) died 22 November 1950 at The Hospital Swanage Dorsetshire. Administration Winchester 9 January (1951) to the said Charles Bugler of no occupation. Effects £180 11s 11d.

Matilda Martha BYDDER died 5 March 1937

BYDDER Matilda Martha of Lismore 31 Garland-road Poole spinster died 5 March 1937. Probate London 22 April (1937) to Beatrice Mary Allen widow. Effects £1,954 10s 9d.

Richard St George BYDDER died 18 July 1920

BYDDER Richard St George of The School House Kingston Dorsetshire master mariner died 18 July 1920. Probate Blandford 22 September (1920) to Matilda Martha Bydder spinster. Effects £1,797 0s 2d.


George Hubert CANDY died 13 April 1942

CANDY George Hubert of Arne Farm Arne Wareham Dorsetshire died 13 April 1942. Probate Winchester 26 June (1942) to Walter Emmanuel Candy chartered land agent and Marjorie Phyllis Marsh (wife of Frederick Cyril Marsh). Effects £942 12s.

Margaret CHESSELL (neé GOODCHILD) died 16 May 1891

CHESSELL Margaret. 25 June (1891). The Will of Margaret Chessell late of Ningwood Shalfleet in the Isle of Wight in the County of Southampton Widow who died 16 May 1891 at Ningwood was proved at the Principal Registry by Henry Collins Goodchild of 201 Clapham-road in the County of Surrey Schoolmaster the Brother the Sole Executor. Personal Estate £72 19s 3d.

Alice Young CHINCHEN (neé VINCENT) died 15 December 1932

CHINCHEN Alice Young otherwise Alice of Kingston near Corfe Castle Dorsetshire Widow died 15 December 1932 Probate London 20 February (1933) to George Edward Bartlett farmer. Effects £199 4s 8d.

Elizabeth Ann CHINCHEN (neé BOLTON) died 15 February 1904

CHINCHEN Elizabeth Ann of West-hill Kingston Wareham Dorsetshire widow died 15 February 1904. Administration Blandford 16 March (1904) to Frank Chinchen engine-driver. Effects £279 7s 5d.

Thomas Freeland CHINCHEN died 19 October 1898

CHINCHEN Thomas Freeland of West-hill Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire dairyman died 19 October 1898. Probate Blandford 17 March (1899) to Alice Young Chinchen widow. Effects £40.

Charlotte Talbot CLARK (neé DOREY) died 23 March 1956

CLARK Charlotte Talbot of the Mill Farm Little Shrewley Hatton Warwickshire widow died 23 March 1956. Administration Birmingham 9 May (1956) to Frederick Clark lorry driver. Effects £1,092 1s 11d.

Charles James CLENCH died 13 December 1907

CLENCH Charles James of 13 Cupar-road Battersea Park Surrey died 13 December 1907. Administration London 3 January (1908) to Rosa Jane Clench widow. Effects £125.

Robert Cherrett CLENCH died 15 October 1940

CLENCH Robert Cherrett of 63 St. Stephens-avenue Ashtead Surrey died 15 October 1940 at Middle House Dorking-road Epsom Surrey. Administration (with Will) Llandudno 12 November (1940) to Laura Amelia Clench widow. Effects £276 13s 6d.

Frances Mary COOPER (neé TATCHELL) died 16 April 1955

COOPER Frances Mary of North View Harmans Cross died 16 April 1955 at 150 High-street Langton Matravers Dorset. Probate London 26 January (1956) to Frederick Albert Cooper dairyman and Winifred Gertrude Turner married woman. Effects £215 6s 4d.

Margaret Sarah COOPER (neé TATCHELL) died 26 May 1960

COOPER Margaret Sarah of 1 Rowland Avenue Oakdale Poole widow died 26 May 1960. Probate Winchester 29 August (1960) to Frances George Seymour Tatchell builder and decorator. Effects £109 11s 9d.

Sarah Anne COOPER (neé COOPER) died 14 December 1933

COOPER Sarah Anne of Yanmah Alton-road Wallisdown Dorsetshire Widow died 14 December 1933. Probate Winchester 25 January (1934) to Mildred Annie Cooper Spinster and Ernest Dowling Solicitor. Effects £946 3s 5d.

William Charles COOPER died 8 April 1962

COOPER William Charles of 1 Council Cottages West Street Corfe Castle Dorset died 8 April 1962 at Alderney Hospital Parkstone Poole. Probate Winchester 9 October (1962) to Gerald Edward Cooper butcher and Alec Roy Cottrell schoolmaster. Effects £370 0s 3d.


Ada Kate DAMER (neé ORCHARD) died 9 May 1948

DAMER Ada Kate of The Lodge Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire widow died 9 May 1948. Administration Winchester 4 June (1948) to William Robert Damer farm tractor driver.Effects £288.

Arthur Purcell DAMER died 13 January 1941

DAMER Arthur Purcell of Orchard Hill Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 13 January 1941. Administration Blandford 1 March (1941) to Ada Kate Damer Widow. Effects £208 11s 11d.

Frederick DAMER died 24 November 1945

DAMER Frederick of 76 Wakehurst-road Clapham Common London S.W.11 died 24 November 1945 on the way to St. Marys Hispital Paddington London. Probate Llandudno 10 January (1946) to Lydia Mary Brown married woman. Effects £1,048 8s 8d.

Robert DAMER died 20 May 1924

DAMER Robert of Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 20 May 1924 Probate London 20 June (1924) to William Dawson Damer butler. Effects £150 2s 2d.

William Dawson DAMER died 29 April 1955

DAMER William Dawson of 1 Linden-road Swanage Dorsetshire died 29 April 1955. Probate Winchester 20 July (1955) to National Provincial Bank Limited. Effects £4,638 15s 6d.

Florence May DAVIS died 19 December 1939

DAVIS Florence May of Kingston Corfe Castle Dorset (wife of Herbert Wyndham Clement Davis) died 19 December 1939 at the Public Assistance Institution Wareham Dorsetshire. Probate Blandford 13 February (1940) to Florence Mabel Brookes (wife of Charles James Brookes). Effects £122 1s. 3d.

Eliza Alice DIPPER died 16 June 1959

DIPPER Eliza Alice of 57 Bull Street Stratford-upon-Avon widow died 16 June 1959 at 3 South Street Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire. Probate Winchester 17 August (1959) to Florence May Blythe married woman. Effects £621 2s 6d.

Alice DOREY (neé TATCHELL) died 9 August 1951

DOREY Alice of 1 West-street Kingston Dorsetshire widow died 9 Aug 1951. Probate Winchester 23 November (1951) to Frederick Albert Tatchell blacksmith and Emily Tatchell (wife of the said Frederick Albert Tatchell). Effects £462 7s 2d.

Arthur Harold DOREY died 28 June 1982

DOREY Arthur Harold of 17 Milestone Rd Oakdale Poole died 28 June 1982. Administration Winchester 13 July (1982). £2,314.

Charles Stephen DOREY died 1 June 1959

DOREY Charles Stephen of Danescroft 7 Cecil Road Swanage Dorset died 1 June 1959 at The Hospital Christchurch Hampshire. Administration Winchester 26 August (1959) to Kathleen Alvena Dorey widow. Effects £2,321 6s 6d.

Charlotte Mary DOREY died 23 October 1963

DOREY Charlotte Mary of 57a Ingelow Road London S.W.8 spinster died 23 October 1963. Administration London 17 January (1964) to Rose Dorey spinster. £213.

Edwin George DOREY died 14 September 1942

DOREY Edwin George of 4 Osborne-road Swanage Dorsetshire died 14 September 1942. Probate Winchester 12 December (1942) to Jane Fuzzard Dorey widow. Effects £510.

Gilbert Victor DOREY died 27 December 1938

DOREY Gilbert Victor of 3 West-street Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 27 December 1938 Administration Blandford 14 January (1939) to Frances Dorey widow. Effects £232 15s 1d.

Stephen DOREY died 30 December 1906

DOREY Stephen of South-street Kingston near Wareham Dorsetshire died 30 December 1906 Administration (with will) Blandford 4 February (1907) to George Dorey carpenter. Effects £346 10s.

Ann Goodchild DUGDALE (neé MASTERS) died 3 January 1905

DUGDALE Ann Goodchild of South-street Wareham Dorsetshire widow died 3 January 1905 Probate Blandford 7 March (1905) to Hannah Maria Kelsey spinster and Henry John Rose mason. Effects £356 19s 7d.


James FARWELL died 19 January 1908

FARWELL James of Kingston in Wareham Dorsetshire labourer died 19 January 1908. Probate Blandford 10 February (1908) to Henry Farwell cab proprietor. Effects £210 19s 2d.

Thomas FARWELL died 25 December 1916

FARWELL Thomas of 22 Cedar-road Southampton retired police constable died 25 December 1916. Probate Winchester 16 April (1917) to Louisa Jane Farwell widow.Effects £1,451 14s 5d. Resworn £1,721 11s 9d.

Thomas Senneck FOOT died 14 April 1885

FOOT Thomas Senneck. 7 September 1885. The Will of Thomas Senneck Foot late of Kingston in the County of Dorset Licensed Victualler and Brewer who died 14 April 1885 at Kingston was proved at Blandford by James Vivian Joyce Smith and Philip Edward Lionel Budge of Poole in the said County Solicitor the Executors. Personal Estate £382 10s.

Bertie FORD died 27 June 1918

FORD Bertie of East Holme Dorsetshire a private in H.M. Army died 27 June 1918 at Holywood Barracks Belfast Ireland. Administration Blandford 18 September (1918) to Mabel May Ford widow. Effects £1,158 18s 8d.

William Ellis FORD died 31 December 1933

FORD William Ellis of Swalland Farm Kimmeridge Dorsetshire died 31 December 1933. Administration Blandford 28 February (1934) to Louisa Martha Ford widow. Effects £1,271 9s 3d.


Henry Collins GOODCHILD died 18 January 1898

GOODCHILD Henry Collins of 201 Clapham-road Surrey schoolmaster died 18 January 1898 at ‘Keneswitha’ Corfe Castle Dorsetshire. Probate London 7 March (1898) to George James Rimell bookseller and Henry Lovett Goodchild commercial traveller. Effects £6,053 1s 7d.

John GOODCHILD died 21 March 1893

GOODCHILD John of Corfe Castle Dorset retired dairyman died 21 March 1893. Probate Blandford 8 May (1893) to Noah Goodchild farmer and John Farwell seedsman. Effects £264.


William John Frederick HIBBS died 26 May 1940

HIBBS William John Frederick of Workshops Section Headquarters Infantry Corp Royal Army Service Corps died 26 May 1940 on war service. Probate Oxford 8 August (1940) to Eva Alice Marshall married woman. Effects £1,161 10s.

Douglas John HIXSON died 14 November 1949

HIXSON Douglas John of Kingston Corfe Castle near Wareham Dorsetshire died 14 November 1949 at The Borough Sanitorium Weymouth Dorsetshire Probate Winchester 9 December (1949) to Elsie Hixson (wife of Ernest Albert Hixson). Effects £641 10s. 2d.

Elsie HIXSON died 24 May 1957

HIXSON Elsie of West-street Kingston Dorsetshire (wife of Ernest Albert Hixson) died 24 May 1957. Probate Winchester 12 August (1957) to Lloyds Bank Limited. Effects £1164 8s 9d.

Edwin John HOLLAND died 3 January 1966

HOLLAND Edwin John of Yanworth Mill Yanworth Cheltenham died 3 January 1966. Administration Gloucester 28 June (1966) to Edwin George Holland gamekeeper. Effects £1543.

Emily HOLLAND (neé GOODCHILD) died 20 January 1926

HOLLAND Emily of Townsend Swanage Dorsetshire widow died 20 January 1926. Administration Blandford 6 February (1926) to John James Holland farmer. Effects £70 9s 10d.

George Kellaway HOLLAND died 12 January 1915

HOLLAND George Kellaway of Winfrith Newburgh Dorsetshire retired dairyman died 12 January 1915 Probate Blandford 19 April (1915) to William Holland and Tom Smith Holland farmers. Effects £906 7s 4d.

John James HOLLAND died 2 November 1919

HOLLAND George Kellaway of Winfrith Newburgh Dorsetshire retired dairyman died 12 January 1915 Probate Blandford 19 April (1915) to William Holland and Tom Smith Holland farmers. Effects £148 17s 6d.

Kate HOLLAND died 20 April 1962

HOLLAND Kate of Yanworth Mill Yanworth Gloucestershire (wife of Edwin John Holland) died 20 April 1962. Administration Gloucester 5 June (1962) to the said Edward John holland retired gamekeeper. Effects £152 15s.

Richard HOLLAND died 10 July 1887

HOLLAND Richard. 23 July (1887). The Will of Richard Holland late of Church Knowle in the County of Dorset Dairyman who died 10 July 1887 at Church Knowle was proved at Blandford by Jane Holland of Church Knowle spinster the Daughter the sole Executrix. Personal Estate £220 10s.

Tom Smith HOLLAND died 3 December 1948

HOLLAND Tom Smith of Cottage Farm Lytchett Minster Dorsetshire died 3 December 1948. Probate London 11 February (1949) to George Robert Holland farmer and May Gwendoline Bailey married woman. Effects £5,522 18s 4d.

Albert Joseph HUNT died 16 January 1959

HUNT Albert Joseph of 18 Bell Street Swanage Dorset died 16 January 1959. Administration Winchester 16 February (1959) to Florence Rose Hunt widow. Effects £2,905 10s.

Horace Cecil HUNT died 30 September 1956

HUNT Horace Cecil of The Ship Inn Langton Matravers Dorset died 30 September 1956. Administration Winchester 8 November (1956) to Dorothy May Hunt widow. Effects £533 19s 4d.

Katharine HUNT died 12 August 1961

HUNT Katharine otherwise Katherine of Corner Cottage South Street Kingston Wareham Dorset spinster died 12 August 1961. Administration (with Will) Winchester 23 October (1961) to David John Hunt estate worker. Effects £232 9s 9d.


Thomas Eastman JOYCE died 28 December 1936

JOYCE Thomas Eastman of Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 28 December 1936 at the Royal Victoria and West Hants Hospital Boscombe Bournemouth Probate Blandford 16 February (1937) to Laura Rose Joyce widow and Cyril Andrew Stride sales manager. Effects £1,412 19s 8d.


Clara KENT died 18 June 1944

KENT Clara of 91 Corhampton-road Boscombe Bournemouth widow died 18 June 1944. Probate Llandudno 8 December (1944) to Harold Tattersal solicitor. Effects £278 4s.

George KENT died 6 April 1904

KENT George of Abbots-court Blandford died 6 April 1904. Probate London 12 May (1904) to William Dugdale Kent and Thomas Tucker Stacey Farmer. Effects £5,536 8s 4d.

Hester KENT died 25 January 1922

KENT Hester of Springfield House Swanage Dorsetshire Spinster died 25 January 1922. Probate Blandford 2 May (1922) to Frederick James Kent retired Farmer Henry Talbot Kent Farmer and Agnes Ellen Kent Spinster. Effects £3,549 9s 10d.

James KENT died 20 January 1882

KENT James. 10 March 1882. The Will of James Kent late of Lynch in Parish or Corfe Castle in the Isle of Purbeck in the County of Dorset Gentleman who died 20 January 1882 at Lynch was proved at the Principal Registry by Charles Kent of Dewlish in the said County Gentleman James Talbot Kent of Norden in the said Parish Gentleman the sons and Hester Kent of Lynch Spinster the Daughter the Executors. Personal Estate £7,041 6s 1d.

James Talbot KENT died 8 October 1905

KENT James Talbot of Poxwell Dorsetshire farmer died 8 October 1905. Probate Blandford 18 January (1906) to Rebecca Macdonald Kent widow Arthur Kent gentleman and Agnes Ellen Kent spinster. Effects £10,974 1s 3d.

Sarah Augusta Ellen KENT died 9 June 1873

KENT Sarah Augusta Ellen of Blashenwell Corfe Castle Dorset Spinster died 9 June 1873 Probate Blandford 20 May (1892) to James Talbot Kent farmer. Effects £95 17s.

William Dugdale KENT died 24 February 1926

KENT William Dugdale of The Red House Sturminster Marshall Dorsetshire died 24 February 1926. Probate London 24 August (1926) to Douglas William Kent famer Agnes Jane Kent spinster and Henry Talbot Kent farmer. Effects £15,759 12s 11d.

William Francis KENT died 8 August 1913

KENT William Francis of Essendine Hamilton-road Boscombe Bournemouth died 8 August 1913. Probate London 14 October to Harold William Kent bank clerk. Effects £6,764 12s 4d. Resworn £7,297 2s 4d.


George LANGTREE died 21 May 1928

LANGTREE George of Encombe Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 21 May 1928 Administration London 30 June (1928) to Sarah Elizabeth Langtree widow. Effects £684 2s 2d.

John LANGTREE died 26 December 1933

LANGTREE John of 66 Royal Oak-road Woking Surrey died 26 December 1933 at the Woking Victoria Hospital Woking. Administration London 13 April (1934) to Elizabeth Alice Langtree widow.
Effects £564 0s 3d.

Martha LANGTREE (neé FARWELL) died 26 March 1920

LANGTREE Martha of Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire widow died 26 March 1920 Probate Blandford 12 April (1920) to Henry Langtree carpenter. Effects £342 12s 8d.

Sarah Elizabeth LANGTREE (neé EDWARDS) died 13 May 1953

LANGTREE Sarah Elizabeth of Christmas Close Wareham Dorsetshire widow died 13 May 1953. Probate Winchester 10 September (1953) to Editha Annie Langtree spinster. Effects £326 3s 10d.

Charles LININGTON died 6 March 1891

The Will of Charles Linington late of Lynch in the Parish of Kingston in the County of Dorset who died 6 March 1891 at Lynch was proved at Blandford (28 May 1891) by Edward George Linington of Wareham in the said County Seedsman’s Assistant the Son the surviving Executor. Personal Effects £80.

Elizabeth LOXSTON died 16 October 1957

LOXSTON Elizabeth of Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire widow died 16 October 1957. Probate Winchester 28 November (1957) to Alfred Gerald Loxston estate foreman. Effects £698 11s 10d.


Jesse William MARSH died 1 December 1956

MARSH Jesse William of Orchard Hill Farm Kingston Wareham Dorsetshire died 1 December 1956. Administration London 19 February (1957) to Lloyds Bank Limited.Effects £473 5s 9d.

Harriet Deborah MILLER (neé WHITE) died 29 August 1947

MILLER Harriet Deborah of Rose Cottage Stoborough near Wareham Dorsetshire widow died 29 August 1947. Administration Winchester 16 September (1947) to Charlotte Deborah Head (wife of Albert Head). Effects £648 12s 8d.


John NEALE died 22 June 1950

NEALE John of West-street Kingston Wareham Dorset died 22 June 1950. Administration Winchester 17 August (1950) to William Neale retired estate worker. Effects £523 17s 11d.


Kenneth Charles ORCHARD died 14 May 1965

ORCHARD Kenneth Charles of Stonehouse 53 High Street Langton Matravers Dorset died 14 May 1965 at Grasmere The Drive Langton. Administration Winchester 15 July (1965) to Winifred Orchard widow. Effects £955.


Elizabeth Mary PARMITER (neé KENT) died 22 February 1861

PARMITER Elizabeth Mary. 17 May (1861). The Will of Elizabeth Mary Parmiter late of Swanage in the County of Dorset Widow deceased who died 22 Feb 1861 at Swanage aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oaths of Charles Kent of Blashenwell in the Parish of Corfe Castle in the said County Yeoman the Brother and James Talbot Kent of Norden in the said Parish Yeoman the Nephew the Executors. Effects under £800.

Revd. Benjamin Ewart PAYNE died 4 November 1956

PAYNE the reverend Benjamin Ewart of The Vicarage Kingston Corfe Castle Dorset clerk died 4 November 1956. Probate Winchester 10 January (1957) to Ruth Thomasine Payne widow.Effects £795 0s 2d.

Harry Elisha PRIOR died 25 November 1951

PRIOR Harry Elisha of Afflington Barn Cottage, Kingston, Dorsetshire died 25 November 1951 at Christchurch Hospital Christchurch Hampshire. Administration (limited) Winchester 22 February (1952) to Arthur Donald Prior (quarryman). Effects £579 13s 1d.

Kathleen Vera PRIOR died 5 August 1951

PRIOR Kathleen Vera of Cappelstone Corfe Castle Dorsetshire spinster died 5 August 1951. Administration Winchester 1 October (1951) to Millicent May Prior (wife of Bertram George Prior). Effects £334 10s 6d.


Elizabeth Jane ROSE (neé LEGG) died 19 December 1935

ROSE Elizabeth Jane of Compton House Swanage Dorsetshire widow died 19 December 1935 Probate London 6 July (1936) to Jack Lester Steward salesman. Effects £134 2s 10d.

Lambert Horsfield ROSE died 21 April 1934

ROSE Lambert Horsfield of Compton House Swanage Dorsetshire died 21 April 1934 at Tokio Rempstone-road Swanage Probate London 29 June (1934) to Cyril Drummond Rose accountant and William James Weston cargo superintendent. Effects £8,222 2s 5d.


Henry Charles SANSOM died 18 September 1966

SANSOM Henry Charles of 3 The Lane Kingston Wareham Dorset died 18 September 1966 at The General Hospital Swanage Dorset. Administration Winchester 10 November (1966) to Henry George Sansom gardener. Effects £646.

Lady Rachel Adele SCOTT died 11 December 1869

SCOTT The Honourable (commonly called Lady) Rachel Adela. 8 April 1870. Letters of Administration of the personal estate and effects of the Honourable (commonly called Lady) Rachel Adele Scott late of Encombe in the County of Dorset Spinster deceased who died 11 December 1869 at Mentone in France were granted at the Principal Registry to the Right Honourable John Earl of Eldon of Encombe aforesaid the Brother and one of the Next of Kin of the said Deceased he having been first sworn. Effects under £6,000.

Elizabeth SLADE (neé PARMITER) died 17 Feb 1894

SLADE Elizabeth of Belvedere-crescent Parkstone Dorset widow died 17 February 1894 Probate Blandford 20 March (1894) to John Hayter Slade and William Francis Kent gentlemen. Effects £18,491 12s 3d.

Sir Drummond Cospatric Hamilton SPENCER-SMITH died 18 December 1955

SPENCER-SMITH sir Drummond Cospatric Hamilton baronet of Suttons Stapleford Tawney Essex died 18 December 1955. Probate London 7 April (1956) to sir Thomas Cospatric Hamilton Spencer-Smith baronet and sir Dingwall Latham Bateson C.B.E. M.C. solicitor. Effects £147,566 12s.

Revd. Spencer Compton Hamilton SPENCER-SMITH died 11 May 1911

SPENCER-SMITH reverend Spencer Compton Hamilton of Kingston Vicarage Wareham Dorsetshire clerk died 11 May 1911 at 54 Egerton-crescent South Kensington Middlesex. Probate London 8 July (1911) to Michael Seymour Spencer Smith esquire.Effects £28,313 8s 9d. Resworn £28,340 16s.

Lily Jane STICKLAND (neé BARTLETT) died 14 March 1940

STICKLAND Lily Jane of West-street Kingston Dorsetshire (wife of William Henry Stickland) died 14 March 1940. Administration Blandford 1 June (1940) to the said William Henry Stickland estate mason. Effects £908 1s.

Martha Minnie STYLES (neé WHITE) died 24 October 1938

STYLES Martha Minnie of Manoa Victoria-avenue Swanage Dorsetshire widow died 24 October 1938 at 49 Framfield-road Mitcham Surrey. Probate Blandford 10 December (1938) to James Richard Halford shipping agent. Effects £1,244 17s 9d.

Priscilla STYLES (neé PHIPPARD) died 24 April 1903

STYLES Priscilla of Worbarrow-in-Tyneham Dorsetshire (wife of Thomas Thorn Styles) died 24 April 1903. Administration Blandford 25 May (1903) to the said Thomas Thorn Styles coastguard. Effects £193 10s.

Thomas Thorn STYLES died 2 June 1925

STYLES Thomas Thorne of Fairholme Northbrook-road Swanage Dorsetshire died 2 June 1925 at the Royal Naval Hospital Portland Dorsetshire. Probate Blandford 21 December (1926) to Minnie Martha Styles widow. Effects £1,357 15s 2d.


Abraham TATCHELL died 25 August 1918

TATCHELL Abraham of Abinger Linden-road Swanage died 25 August 1918. Probate London 27 November (1918) to Albert Joseph Hunt blacksmith and Harry James Sleigh accountant’s clerk. Effects £1,474 17s 1d.

Edmund Alfred TATCHELL died 30 December 1932

TATCHELL Edmund Alfred of 41 Olga-road Dorchester Dorsetshire died 30 December 1932. Probate Blandford 30 January (1933) to Lavinia Tatchell Widow. Effects £944 5s 5d.

Henry Frank ‘Frank’ TATCHELL died 2 October 1918

TATCHELL Henry Frank of Post Green Lytchett Minster Dorsetshire market gardener died 2 October 1918. Administration Blandford 19 April (1920) to William George Tatchell market gardener.
Effects £285.

Lavinia TATCHELL (neé CAKE) died 9 May 1933

TATCHELL Lavinia of 41 Olga-road Dorchester Dorsetshire Widow died 9 May 1933. Probate Blandford 9 June to Frederick Ernest Greening auctioneer’s clerk. Effects £1,049 9s 1d. Resworn £1,113 18s 8d.

William Sagittary Champ TATCHELL died 25 February 1957

TATCHELL William Sagittary Champ of 6 High-street Piddlehinton Dorsetshire died at Dorset County Hospital Dorchester Dorsetshire. Probate London 1 May (1957) to Lloyds Bank Limited. Effects £574 12s 5d.

Albert John TIZZARD died 17 September 1954

TIZZARD Albert John of West-street Kingston Wareham Dorsetshire died 17 September 1954. Administration London 6 November (1954) to Elsie May Tizzard widow. Effects £271 4s 10d.

Richard TIZZARD died 7 October 1915

TIZZARD Richard of Worbarrow near Corfe Castle Dorsetshire agricultural labourer died 7 October 1915 Probate Blandford 28 October (1915) to Emma Jane Miller widow. Effects £264 17s 6d.

Samuel Thomas James TIZZARD died 25 July 1944

TIZZARD Samuel Thomas James of Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 25 July 1944 at Cornelia Hospital Poole. Administration Winchester 2 September (1944) to Amelia Amy Tizzard widow. Effects £191 2s. 7d.

Thomas TRENT died 17 November 1918

TRENT Thomas of Corfe Castle Dorsetshire naval pensioner died 17 November 1918 Administration Blandford 4 February (1919) to Selina Frances Trent spinster. Effects £31 10s.


James UPHILL  died 9 October 1887

UPHILL James. 13 January (1888). Administration of the Personal Estate of James Uphill late of Encombe Wareham in the County of Dorset Widower who died 9 October 1887 at Encombe was granted at the Principal Registry to John Uphill of 4 Dendy-street Balham in the County of Surrey Road Foreman to the District Board of Works the Son and one of the Next of Kin. Personal Estate £792 13s 3½d.


Elizabeth Sarah WELLMAN died 15 March 1939

WELLMAN Elizabeth Sarah of The Lane Kingston Corfe Castle Dorsetshire (wife of Edward James Wellman) died 15 March 1939. Administration (with Will) Blandford 9 May (1939) to the said Edward James Wellman labourer and Violet Maud Lander (wife of William George Lander). Effects £147 5s 11d.

Annie Jane WHITE (neé BEAVES) died 19 July 1948

WHITE Annie Jane of 41 Hursley near Winchester widow died 19 July 1948. Probate Winchester 20 August (1948) to Gerald Claude White gardener. Effects £466 3s 6d.

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