Swyre Head

At 203 metres (682 feet), Swyre Head is the highest point in the Purbecks. Not to be confused with Swyre Head near Durdle Door, this Swyre Head is a ‘Marilyn’. A Marilyn is a hill of any height with a drop of 150 metres or more on all sides.


A view across the Encombe Bowl to Swyre Head Photo courtesy of Stephen Dawson ©  Stephen Dawson 2005

Swyre Head. The trees in the foreground line the valley leading down towards Freshwater Steps. Photo courtesy of Graham Rains © Graham Rains

hounstout and swyre head by pete.t at panoramio.com

Swyre Head with Houns-Tout in the foreground. In the valley between are the trees leading down to Freshwater Steps. Photograph courtesy of Pete T.

Swyre Head and the Golden Bowl. Old postcard image courtesy of Dave Sansom.

The view from Swyre Head with White Nothe in the distance. Old postcard image.

Swyre Head with tourists c. 1951. Old postcard image courtesy of Dave Sansom.

Andrew Mead advises that the coach pictured (DJT 241) was a Bedford OB with a Duple Vista body, which was new to Stan Sheasby, Corfe Castle in June 1949 and sold by Les Sheasby in January 1964.

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