Frederick Charles Audley formerly Dorey (1888-1940) = Kate Chapman (1885-1951)

Frederick Charles Dorey was born at Kingston on 13 April 1888. He was the eldest of four children born to Henry James Audley and Alice Goodchild Audley nee Dorey. His parents married when he was 10 weeks old and he assumed the surname Audley thereafter.

Frederick married Kate Chapman (1885-1951) on 13 January 1912. Kate was born at Lydlinch to William Chapman and Mary Jane Chapman nee Ryall.

Kate Audley nee Chapman – Photo courtesy of Beryl Dean nee Audley

They lived at Scoles Farm

Scoles Farm – Photo courtesy of Beryl Dean nee Audley

and had six children:

1. Owen Vivian Audley (1912-1980)

Owen attended Kingston School and appeared in the 1922 school photo.

owen audley c1922

Owen Audley c.1922

In September 1939, Owen was recorded as a builders labourer and married living at Ashley, near Romsey, Hampshire, with wife Lily R Audley and five children. Owen and Lily, whose maiden surname was Heathman, had ten children but five are understood to have died shortly after birth.

Owen married Olga Doreen Dawson (1923-1994) in 1943 and they had one son. Owen was living at 96 Lincoln Gardens, Scunthorpe when he died in 1980.

2. Frederick Charles Audley (1914-1986)

dairyman Frederick married cook Rosina Lucy Bartlett (1915-1964) at Kingston on 14 September 1940 and they had two daughters Margaret and Beryl

fred audley at kingston

Fred Audley at Scoles Farm – Photograph courtesy of Belinda Norman

fred audley cropped2

Fred Audley with team of horses – Photograph courtesy of Belinda Norman

Extract from Corfe Castle Encyclopaedia by Rodney Legg, 2000:

‘Lynch Farm – on the lower slope of Kingston Hill … was the dairy for Corfe Castle until the mid-20th century. Fred Audley and his mare, Topsey, used to bring unpasteurised milk in an open cart daily to Corfe village, into the 1950s’.

Fred and Topsey were in the opening scene of the 1949 film, ‘Man On The Run’, which was shot in Corfe Castle.

3. Gertrude Alice Mary ‘Gertie’ Audley (1918-2008)

Gertrude was born on 20 February 1918. She attended Kingston School and is pictured in the 1922 school photo. In September 1939, she was working as a waitress at the restaurant at 14 Institute Road, Swanage and she shared the accommodation above with the restaurant proprietress and other restaurant staff. On 23 December 1939, Gertie married blacksmith Arthur William John Corben at Kingston and they moved to Malvern, Worcestershire where they had two sons, Arthur T Corben, who married and emigrated to the United States, and Richard Corben, who married and now lives in Worcester. Arthur senior died in 1963 and Gertie died in 2008.

4. Evelyn Rose Audley (1920-1979)

Evelyn was born at Scoles Farm on 3 December 1920. In September 1939, Evelyn was a shop assistant living with the Bennett family at 43a Station Road, Swanage. She married Wiltshire-born Arthur Graham Robinson in 1942 and they had one daughter Pauline G Robinson. The family lived in Wilton. Evelyn died in 1979 and Arthur died in 1992.

5. Douglas Roy Audley (1925-2002)

Doug Audley at Kingston School in the early 1930s

Doug was born at Scoles Farm on 23 March 1925. In 1939, aged just 14, he was working as a dairyman for his father at Scoles. Doug did not marry and died in 2002.

6. Clifford John ‘John’ Audley  (1928-2008)

John Audley at Kingston School in the early 1940s

John was born at Scoles Farm and married Violet and they had three children. The family lived at the Lodge on Kingston Hill.  John died in 2008 and his son Barry wrote and read the poem below at his funeral:


Kingston born and bred,
Made only five foot seven to the top of his head.
Was in the Navy, loved the sea,
But was pulled back to farm life, as it was meant to be.
Two heart ops he had, we worried and waited,
But his strength and his will to live kept our family elated.
Seventy-nine years he lived his life,
Always there for anybody in strife.
Our Dad is special, what a man! How do I know?
Because you all will tell me so.

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