William Bugler (1853-1945) = Mary Louisa Grant (1853-1932)

William Bugler was baptised at Beaminster on 24 April 1853. His parents were Charles Bugler (1818-1902) and Elizabeth Bugler nee Barratt (1821-1904).

William was, from the ripe old age of 8, a Carter, later describing himself as a Farm foreman and by 1912 a Bailiff.

On 1873, William married Mary Louisa Grant at Winfrith Newburgh. Mary Louisa was born Louisa Grant and I do not know why she decided to change her name, possibly because her mother was also Louisa? She was baptised Louisa and appears as such in the 1861 census. From 1871 to 1911 she appears as Mary Louisa or Mary L.

By 1874 the family had moved to Langton Matravers where their first two children were born. They moved by 1877 to Hill Bottom where their next four children were born.

Between 1903 & 1907 the family moved to Lynch Farm Cottages, Kingston, where the family were living for the 1911 census.

Children of William & Mary Louisa

1. Charles Bugler (1874-1957)

Charles married Frances Mary Gould (1880-1950) at Kingston in 1903 and in 1911 they were living at Copse Cottage, Kingston with their children Kathleen Jessie Bugler & Arthur William Bugler.

2. Mary Louise Bugler (1876-1966)

Mary was always known as Poll and she married Edwin Corben (1876-1960) in 1897.

3. Christiana Bugler (1877-1951)

Christine married George Courtney (1866-1953) at Worth

Announcement of Christine & H marriage. Western Gazette 29 August 1902

4. Thomas Bugler (1880-)

Thomas married Mary Louisa Oliver from Wimborne in 1905 and in 1911 they were at Lynch Farm House, Kingston with children Christina Mary Bugler (1906-) and Kathleen May Bugler (1908-). 

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5. George William Bugler (1882-1974)

George married Jessie Louisa Welsh at Kingston in 1912. Jessie was the daughter of Robert Stickland Welsh (1856-1913) and Jessie Louisa Welsh nee Stiles (1858-1950) .

6. Bessie Jane Bugler (1884-1968)

Bessie married Henry Gould (1884-1968) at Kingston in 1907 and they lived in Kingston for the rest of their lives, latterly at 2 South Street, opposite The Cross. Henry Gould was Frances Mary Gould’s brother. Henry and Bessie had five children, all born in Kingston: Frederick George Gould (1908-1979), William John Gould (1911-1911), Cyril Thomas Gould (1912-1981), Lennox Charles Gould (1922-1990) and Nellie Joan Gould (1927-1968).

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With special thanks to Ivan Gould, great grandson of William & Mary Louisa Bugler

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