Women’s Institute

The Kingston Women’s Institute was founded in the 1930s.

In his book ‘My Memories by a Village Carpenter’ (1988), Bob Dorey recalled:

A branch of the “Women’s Institute” was formed with Mrs. Horan as Secretary. She was followed later by Mrs. Loxston, and up till the Second World War the ladies, including my wife, had a happy time within this organisation and contributed much to the social life of the village.

wi encombe 1952

Kingston Women’s Institute at Encombe House, 1952. Photograph courtesy of Dave Sansom.

Standing:  Evelyn Travers, Amy Dorey, Florence Denness, Elizabeth (Babs) Henstridge, ? ?, ? Moore, Deb Pond (neé Smith), Jane Senneck (neé Hooper), Cynthia Sansom (neé Jeans), ? Squires,  ? ?, Irene Lardner (neé Sansom), Daphne Scott, Lucy Duffett, Joan Streeter (neé Orchard), ? Paine, Win Hooper, Jane Turle, Helena Candy (neé Payne), Phyllis Grey, ? Olphert.

Sitting: Kate Collins, Cis Hunt

Our thanks to Dave Sansom for providing the photograph,  to Martin Henstridge for identifying Elizabeth (Babs) Henstridge, to Eileen Cush for identifying Lucy Duffett, and to Dave Cooper for identifying Jane Senneck (neé Hooper).

Derek Collins says:

The second lady from the left was, I believe, Amy Dorey. She lived next to us in South Street for a while in the late 1950s. My mother was Kate Collins who was seated in the photograph.

Mike Streeter says:

My grandmother Eleanor Orchard was Treasurer of the WI at one time, she may have been the first one but not sure about this. I did at one time have her ledger dating back to the early days of the Kingston WI but no idea what happened to it. She probably got the job as she ran the Post Office so must have been good with figures.

The Rev. F. S. Horan described Eleanor Orchard, the postmistress, as:

Our untiring helper in the W. I. and in all our socials, and in every project.

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