1931 Electoral Roll

Kingston area entries extracted from Corfe Castle register of electors

No. Franchise Names in full Residence or property occupied
1 R O ADAMS William George Afflington
11 R O ARMSTRONG George William Woodyhyde
12 Rw Dw ARMSTRONG Mary Woodyhyde
15 R O AUDLEY Frederick Charles Scoles Dairy
16 Rw Dw AUDLEY Kate Scoles Dairy
17 R O AUDLEY Henry James Kingston
18 Rw Dw AUDLEY Alice Goodchild Kingston
19 Rw BALDWIN Alice (Miss) Encombe House
23 R O J BARNES Montague Frederick Afflington Farm
24 Rw Dw BARNES Alice Theresa Afflington Farm
25 R BARNES Ivor Encombe
26 R O BARNES Walter Encombe
27 Rw Dw BARNES Olga Mabel Rich Encombe
28 R BARNES Godfrey Wallace Henry Encombe
30 R O BARTLETT Edwin Hill Bottom
31 Rw Dw BARTLETT Kathleen May Hill Bottom
32 R BARTLETT Robert Frank Hill Bottom
33 R O BARTLETT Frederick Hill Bottom
34 Rw Dw BARTLETT Rosina Elizabeth Hill Bottom
35 R O J BARTLETT George Kingston [Joint]
36 Rw Dw BARTLETT Lilian Matilda Kingston
37 Rw Ow BARTLETT Georgina Jane Kingston [Joint]
55 R O BEAVIS Edwin James Kingston
56 Rw Dw BEAVIS Millicent Kingston
57 Rw Ow BEAVIS Ellen May Kingston
58 Rw BEAVIS Edith (Miss) Kingston
59 R BEAVIS Frederick Robert Kingston
60 Rw BEAVIS Lily Kingston
61 R O BECK Walter Wilwood
62 R BECK Frederick Wilwood
83 R O BISHOP Charles Woodyhyde
84 Rw Dw BISHOP Mary Sarah Woodyhyde
85 R BISHOP Frederick Walter Woodyhyde
86 Rw BISHOP Florence Mary (Miss) Woodyhyde
87 NM a BISHOP Thomas Gilbert Woodyhyde
90 R BOWDITCH Henry Afflington
105 R O BROWN Charles George Kingston
106 Rw Dw BROWN Mary Kingston
118 R BUGLER Arthur William Hill Bottom
119 R O BUGLER Charles Hill Bottom
120 Rw Dw BUGLER Frances Mary Hill Bottom
121 R O BUGLER Thomas Hill Bottom
122 Rw Dw BUGLER Mary Louisa Hill Bottom
123 R O BULLEN Bertie Encombe
124 Rw Dw BULLEN Olive Encombe
125 R O BULLEN Thomas George Kingston
126 Rw Dw BULLEN Florence Kingston
145 R O J CANDY Walter Emanuel Kingston
146 Rw Dw CANDY Enid Marjorice Kingston
173 R O CHAPPELL Arthur Samuel South Street, Kingston
174 Rw Dw CHAPPELL Minnie South Street, Kingston
182 Rw CHINCHEN Alice Young Kingston
183 R CHISSELL John Kingston
184 Rw CHISSELL Eva Kingston
198 Rw COBB Hilda Mary (Miss) Kingston Vicarage
207 R O COOMBES George Blashenwell
208 Rw Dw COOMBES Rachel Blashenwell
209 Rw COOMBES Elizabeth Blashenwell
210 R O COOPER Albert Henry Kingston
211 Rw Dw COOPER Frances Mary Kingston
212 R COOPER Frederick Albert Kingston
214 Rw Ow COOPER Sarah Ann Kingston
236 R O J CURTIS Albert Lynch Farm
237 Rw Dw CURTIS Frances Lynch Farm
238 Rw CURTIS Amy (Miss) Lynch Farm
239 Rw CURTIS Elsie May (Miss) Lynch Farm
245 R O DAMER Arthur Purcell Wilwood
246 Rw Dw DAMER Ada Kate Wilwood
247 R DAMER William Robert Wilwood
248 Rw Ow DAMER Mary Jane Kingston
287 Rw Ow DOREY Annie Grace South Street, Kingston
288 R DOREY Charles Stephen South Street, Kingston
289 R O DOREY Andrew Stephen Encombe
290 Rw Dw DOREY Alice Encombe
291 R DOREY Arthur Harold Encombe
292 R O DOREY Ernest Lynch
293 Rw Dw DOREY Amy Mary Lynch
294 R O DOREY George Kingston
295 Rw DOREY Charlotte May (Miss) Kingston
296 R O DOREY Gilbert Victor Kingston
297 Rw Dw DOREY Frances Kingston
298 R O DOREY Herbert George Encombe Lodge
299 Rw Dw DOREY Mary Elizabeth Encombe Lodge
300 Rw DOREY Irene Alice (Miss) Encombe House
301 R O DOREY Robert Edward Kingston
302 Rw Dw DOREY Elizabeth Kingston
303 R O DOREY Stephen Kingston
304 R O DOREY Walter Kingston
305 Rw Dw DOREY Gertrude Kingston
338 R O FORD Victor Woodyhyde 1
339 O FORD George Land, Woodyhyde 2
355 R GALE George Kingston
356 R O GALE Henry John Lynch
357 Rw Dw GALE Irene Sylvia Dorothy Lynch
358 R O GALE John Encombe
371 R O GOULD Henry Kingston
372 Rw Dw GOULD Bessie Jane Kingston
373 Rw Ow GOULD Cordelia Kingston
379 R O GRANT Edward South Street, Kingston
380 Rw Dw GRANT Susan South Street, Kingston
381 Rw GRANT Margaret Kate (Miss) Kingston
382 R O GRANT John Joseph South Street, Kingston
384 R O GREEN Herbert Charles Afflington
385 Rw Dw GREEN Lily Mary Afflington
408 R HAVERFIELD Henry West Lynch
412 R O HEATHMAN Charles Afflington
413 Rw Dw HEATHMAN Rose Afflington
419 R HIBBS Harry Lynch
449 R O HOOPER William South Street, Kingston
450 Rw Dw HOOPER Winifred Emily South Street, Kingston
465 R O HUNT George Theodore Kingston
466 Rw Dw HUNT Caroline Mary Kingston
467 Rw HUNT Katharine (Miss) Kingston
468 R O HUNT Robert Charles Kingston
469 Rw Dw HUNT Louisa Kingston
470 R O HUNT Henry Ernest Encombe
471 Rw Dw HUNT Annie Encombe
473 O JAMES Archibald Tom Land, Westhill [Joint] 3
474 O JAMES Douglas William Land, Westhill [Joint] 3
483 R O JOYCE Thomas Eastman Kingston
484 Rw Dw JOYCE Laura Rose Kingston
487 R O KELLAWAY Charles Henry South Street, Kingston
488 Rw Dw KELLAWAY Lilian South Street, Kingston
489 Rw KELLAWAY Eliza Kate (Miss) South Street, Kingston
503 Rw Ow LANGTREE Sarah Elizabeth Encombe
508 R O J LEGG Henry Blashenwell
509 Rw Dw LEGG Clara Charlotte Blashenwell
513 R O LINNINGTON William George Hood Lynch
514 R O LOCK William Sidney Afflington
515 Rw Dw LOCK Ivy Eveline Afflington
521 R O LOXSTON Alfred Gerald Afflington
522 Rw Ow LOXSTON Elizabeth Afflington
525 R O MARSH Charles Kingston
526 R O MARSH John Encombe
547 Rw MILLARD Ellen Encombe
576 R O MUNDEN Charles Kingston
577 Rw Dw MUNDEN Annie Kingston
580 R O NEALE John Encombe
581 Rw Dw NEALE Kate Encombe
582 R O NEALE William Kingston
583 Rw Dw NEALE Edith Mabel Kingston
598 R O ORCHARD Charles Kingston
599 Rw Dw ORCHARD Eleanor Kingston
600 R ORCHARD Kenneth Charles Kingston
634 R O PHIPPEN Stanley Edmond Blashenwell Dairy
635 Rw Dw PHIPPEN Amelia Frances Blashenwell Dairy
669 R SANSOM Ernest Henry Kingston
670 R O SANSOM Henry Charles Kingston
671 Rw Dw SANSOM Sarah Hannah Kingston
685 R O SCOTT Ernest Stowell Encombe 4
691 R O SENNECK Tom West Lynch
692 Rw Dw SENNECK Jane West Lynch
710 R O SMITH George Cecil Augustus Kingston Vicarage 5
711 Rw Dw SMITH Christina Emily Kingston Vicarage
723 Rw Ow SPECK Edna Mary Kingston
732 R O SPECK Walter William Kingston
748 Rw Ow STICKLAND Alice Mary Kingston
749 R O STICKLAND Cyril Kingston Barn
750 Rw Dw STICKLAND Rose Harriett Kingston Barn
752 R O STICKLAND William Blashenwell
753 Rw Dw STICKLAND Lily Jane Blashenwell
774 R O STOCKLEY George Kingston
830 R O THOMPSON Frederick James Afflington Barn
831 Rw Dw THOMPSON Alice May Afflington Barn
833 R O TILLEY Ernest William West Hill Dairy
834 Rw Dw TILLEY Rosaline West Hill Dairy
835 R TILLEY Leonard Francis West Hill Dairy
836 Rw TILLEY Irene Olivia (Miss) West Hill Dairy
837 R TIZZARD John West Hill
838 R O TIZZARD Samuel Thomas James Kingston
839 Rw Dw TIZZARD Amelia Amy Kingston
840 R TRAVERS Albert South Street, Kingston
841 R O TRAVERS Arthur Lionel South Street, Kingston
842 Rw Dw TRAVERS Agnes Matilda South Street, Kingston
843 R TRAVERS Gerald Blaise Kingston
844 R O TRAVERS Henry George South Street, Kingston
845 Rw Dw TRAVERS Bessie Maud South Street, Kingston
848 R O TUCK Harry Encombe Dairy
849 Rw Dw TUCK Emily Encombe Dairy
866 R VINCENT Charles Kingston
894 R O WELLMAN Edward James Kingston
895 Rw Dw WELLMAN Elizabeth Sarah Kingston
901 Rw Ow WHITE Annie Jane South Street, Kingston
905 R WHITE Gerald Kingston
921 R O WHITE William South Street, Kingston
922 Rw Dw WHITE Anne Eliza South Street, Kingston
925 R O WHITELOCK Sidney Charles Encombe
926 Rw Dw WHITELOCK Maria Encombe
R Residence qualification (man)
Rw Residence qualification (woman)
O Occupational qualification (man)
Ow Occupational qualification (woman)
Dw Qualification through husband’s occupation
NM Naval or Military voter
J Juror
not entitled to vote in respect of that entry at Elections of County Councillors
1 and Garage [Joint], East Street
2 Abode – Woodyhyde Farm, Worth Matravers
3 Abode – Renscombe Farm, Worth Matravers
4 (The Hon., C.M.G., M.V.O.)
5 (Rev.)

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