Charles White (1861-1913) = Annie Jane Beaves (1870-1948)

Charles White (1861-1913) was the youngest child of William White (1822-1896) and Elizabeth Kingsbury White nee Fry (1827-1900). He was baptised at Bloxworth on 10 March 1861.

In 1871 Charles was a scholar at Kingston School. By 1881 he had become a carpenter journeyman.

On 21 May 1894 he married Jane Gerrard (1862-1894) at St. Paul’s Church, Poole. Jane had previously worked as a servant for Revd. Spencer Smith at Kingston New Vicarage before moving to Poole.

Less than two weeks after their wedding, Jane was dead. She was buried at Kingston on 7 June 1894.

Charles returned to the family home at Willwood, Kingston and continued living there after his parents died.

On 23 February 1903, Charles married Annie Jane Beaves (1870-1948) at Kingston. Annie was the daughter of Henry Beaves (1834-1903) and Mary Ann Beaves neé Gover (1839–1901) and she taught in the Sunday School at Kingston.

Charles and Annie had one son:

  • Gerald Claude White (1906–1984) – Gerald, a gardener, married Dorothy Kate Green (1912–1999) at Kingston on 26 February 1938. Gerald and Kitty had two children, Margaret and Kenneth, both born at Kingston.  The family later moved to Bransgore on the edge of the New Forest.

By 1911, Charles, Annie and son Gerald were living in South Street, Kingston. Charles died on 5 March 1912 but Annie survived him by 36 years just living long enough to see see her grandson Kenneth born.

Gerald served in Italy during World War 2 and while there he composed a poem about Kingston and the surrounding area. We are grateful to his daughter Margaret King neé White for giving us permission to reproduce it here.

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