Harriet Deborah White (1854-1947) = Charles William Miller (1851-1943)

Harriet and Charlie

Harriet, was the daughter of William White (1822-1896) and Elizabeth Kingsbury White nee Fry (1827-1900). She was born at Bloxworth and  attended school there in 1861 aged 6. By 1871, aged 16, Harriet was a schoolteacher at Kingston school. Harriet later became a schoolteacher at Tyneham.

Harriet married Charles William Miller (1851-1943) at Kingston on 29 January 1879.

Charlie’ was the son of William Henry Miller (1821-1883) and Sarah Jane Miller nee Miller (1825-1914).

As there were so many Miller families at Warbarrow, Harriet was referred to as ‘Mrs. Charlie.’ Charlie and Harriet did not have any children. They lived at Fern Hollow, Worbarrow where they also kept chickens. As visitor numbers increased, they sold eggs, chocolates, sweets and even postcards to boost their income.

Fern Hollow, Warbarrow

Harriet was a stalwart in the choir at Tyneham having sung with them for over forty years. On 19 December 1943, Charlie and Harriet, along with all the other villagers, were evicted from their homes at Tyneham and Worbarrow. Charlie and Harriet went to live at Rose Cottage in Stoborough but Charlie died on 1 January 1944, less than two weeks after the eviction. The army allowed him to be buried at Tyneham.

Harriet died on 29 August 1947 but had to be buried at Wareham because the Ministry of Defence would not give permission for her to be buried with her beloved Charlie at Tyneham.

Margaret King nee White remembers visiting her father’s Auntie Harriet at Rose Cottage, Stoborough.

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Siblings:  |  James Edward (1850-1919)  |  George (1852-1899)  |  Edmund William (1859-1896)  |  Charles (1861-1913)

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